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Indistar® School Training -- Assessing the Indicators (Part 1)

CPPT Training: Assessing the Indicators: Part One

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CPPT Training --Monitoring (Part 2)

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Adora Svitak: Keynote

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Yarn Connections


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Adora Svitak: Keynoter

Join us for “The New Kid(s) on the Block”: Youth Digital Culture and Implications for Student Voice in Education.

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Directions: I Can't Login

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Group 2 Lino
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Evidence Based Field Trips

Essential Questions

  • What are the key features of the field trip observation process?
  • How do I observe without judging?





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The Brain and Images

Ian Jukes talks about the brain in this video on Understanding the Digital Generation.  
Specifically scroll to minute 4:20 to hear the statistics on visual images and the brain.


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Math and Google Earth

Resources can be found here:

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Hands on Science Using Google Docs

Resources can be found here

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Online Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Goal
  1. Navigate our networking, collaborative website.
  2. Add a picture and description to your profile.
  3. Explore the lesson plan database.
  4. Utilize your colleagues to help learn and integrate technologies.

Scavenger Hunt Directions

Complete the following tasks by yourself or with a partner. Download a QR Code Reader: Read more »

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Who Are We?

Put your creative district team photo that captures your experience so far with the grant on it’s own slide at

SMILE!  Say Cheese.

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EdTech Grants Purpose


To achieve this goal, schools must assess their technology needs and implement programs that make substantial progress in meeting the goals of the Title IID program: Read more »