Final Reporting! The Sock Puppet Project

Cindy Phillips's picture

The intermediate grade students are feeling very empowered - walking from room to room with their clipboards and survey information!  As soon as they complete the gathering of information,they will be utilizing one of the iPads purchased with the CenturyLink grant.  The 7 iPads arrived earlier in the fall, along with several keyboards and covers.  Every penny from the grant was spent - and the school board and administration were so impressed with the equipment, we now have a total of 17 iPads, keyboards and covers - enough for all the student in one of the classrooms to use at the same time.  Next week, we'll be ordering 3 more sets, along with a printer to use for our project.  Next month, we'll be replacing our current charging system with a mobile unit that will easily accommodate the iPads!  The Sock Project and materials needed to complete it galvanized our little school!!!