Four Rivers: Documenting and Celebrating Family Heritage Through Technology

Hanna Swanson's picture

        With the technology provided by our Centrury Link Grant, a unique technology based elective was created for students in 6th - 8th grade. They are exploring their families heritage, culture and traditions through research, interviews and are compiling beautiful photo journal books to be published. The photos and stories that these students' are learning to tell has been an extremeley powerful process to all. We are looking forward to our books being printed by January. 

        Our K-8 student base now has access to a large, bilingual digitial library that is slowly being added to as we find right fit books for our students and reading levels. Older students will begin reading with younger students, as a volunteer based committee, to encourage reading in Spanish. Applications are also being purchased by K-8 teachers to foster bilingual education in the classrooms. iPads have also been used to explore creative venues such as digital photo editing and illustration.  As we continue the year we are looking forward to incorporating more of the technology provided into centers, and will also have it available in our Family Education Center to help foster learning for non-traditional aged students.