Hawkology: Chromebook Update

Chris Andrews's picture

Wow, the Chromebooks arrived and everyone was so excited that we all got on them and crashed the network. After we got that fixed, the district set Mr. Andrews up as the "Google Accounts" manager. We have 460 plus students at our school this fall and we already had many new chromebooks to help alleviate the access to technolgy concern. The Chromebooks that we got from the Century Link grant gave us the opportunity to place 15 chromebooks into the Kindergaten classrooms, and we are now rolling into phase 2 of our overall technology plan.

Phase 2 has already begun, with Kindergarten pairing up with 4th and 5th graders for "Technology Buddies." The older kids are teaching the younger kids some basic computer skills, while reinforcing their own skills.

One concern we do have is where to start. We are not entirely certain which program or website we should start with when we have our "Technology Buddy" time. We have found some great links put together by Middletown Public Schools, but some of these resources require some initial knowledge of how to use the computer. For some of our youngest students, we need to start a little slower than that.

So, what is the best software or online resource to help the Kinergarteners and first graders to be gin acquiring the necessary skills to prepare them for the SBAC?

Will our network be able to continue to support all of these devices at the same time, or will we need to improve the capacity of our server to help us handle our current and future needs?