Lacomb ChromeBooks

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Here at Lacomb School, a rural K-8 in the Lebanon Community School District, we are very excited to have our Chromebooks out of boxes and ready to go. Since this is the first experience with Chromebooks for my class, my students have just started to get comfortable with accessing technology and deciding whether that information comes from a reliable source. With our current plans to begin creating websites on the five Oregon regions, each group of students will be responsible for finding reliable sources, credible testimony on information and common-use photos to publish.

Some questions that we have for this project:  

-What growth can we hope to see in the reading and comprehension of informational text with this new implementation and requirement of credibility?

- What new types of skills in independent, critical analysis can we hope to see in our students as the year progresses?

Thank you, CenturyLink, for believing in us and our students.

Emma Beiser