Lakeside High School. Reading Acceleration, Team Teaching with Technology

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The Wicom Tech Reading Pens arrived before school started and our studnets have learned to use them well.  I will attach a program and goal informative letter that was mailed to parents of the students in class.  This attachment will explain how we are monitoring student growth in the class.  We are hoping that using the reading pens on a daily basis will improve comprehension and vocabulary and the progress will be monitored at six points throughout the school year.

Students have expressed that they like using the pens, and they go grab them daily when we begin our reading assignment for the day.  At the very least, we know that students are no longer skipping difficult vocabulary.  This can only lead to increased comprehension and accessibility.  We will keep you posted on the outcomes.  Meanwhile, check out the "letter home to parents," to see how we will be measuring studnet growth and tracking progress.