CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation: Competitive Grants for Oregon and Washington Teachers. This is the site of the CenturyLink Technology Grants. OETC has been partnering to offer this opportunity since 2005 and are excited to add Washington teachers.  

This is an extention of the Qwest Edtech mini-grants of years past.

Recent Group Activity

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Leading Listeners to Literacy

Tumwater High School, Tumwater School District

The funding provided by CenturyLink will allow the purchase of 15 iPad Minis and protective cases.

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Reaching Annual Growth Targets in Math Using Learner Centered Mobile Technology - Sage Elementary


This year Sage has begun implementing CCSS in Math.  The increased rigor of the standards has revealed large gaps in learning that need to be addressed before new concepts can be introduced and mastered. This change to the new standards has students learning different concepts at different grade levels as well as performing higher level thinking analysis that many are not ready for.  Learner centered mobile technology helps teachers to bridge the gap in providing individualized learning opportunities with consistency.

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Interactive World: Geography and History With Tablets

Willamette High School

Bethel School District #52

Technology: Portable Classroom Set of iPad Minis


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iPads in the Common Core Classroom

Summit School is a K-8 Read more »

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    Bringing the Library to Life!

    Students at the primary grades, as outlined in the CCSS, need to read every day, both at school and at home so that they can read increasingly difficult texts.  With the absence of a librarian, students find it increasingly difficult to find books in our library that they want to read. 

    Students in the intermediate grades need to identify and use literary terms, and identify parts of a story in order to learn to write informational, argumentative, and narrative pieces.  Students in primary and intermediate grades will meet these needs with technology. Read more »

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    Creation of a Mobile Technology Classroom

    Discovery Elementary

    Peninsula School District

    Technology being used : Chromebooks Read more »

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    Pictures and Words and Me - Oh My!


    Pictures and Words and Me – Oh My!

    Kindergarten teachers are purchasing 10 iPads to share between 2 classrooms.  The primary goal of  this project is for Kindergarten students to be able to work independently and in small groups to use digital resources to tell and share their own stories about the things that they are learning. Read more »

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    Merging the Digital and Natural Worlds: Digital Field Guide Using iPads

    Olalla Elementary
    South Kitsap School District
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    Flipping the Classroom in Culinary Arts

    School:  South Medford High School

    District:  Medford 549C

    Technology:  Ipad Airs Read more »

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    Using Portable Technology in Vocational Education

    OETC has enabled the Vancouver Clark County Skills Center's Diesel Technology and Criminal Justice programs to bring technology to the tech lab!  Diesel Technology will purchase IPads to allow students access to the specs of diesel equipment as it they are being repaired. Criminal Justice is purchasing Chromebooks to allow more students access to report writing in a wireless environment.  Another grant was received to install the wireless access for these two labs, and CenturyLink is providing the equipment to make it work. Read more »

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