CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation: Competitive Grants for Oregon and Washington Teachers. This is the site of the CenturyLink Technology Grants. OETC has been partnering to offer this opportunity since 2005 and are excited to add Washington teachers.  

This is an extention of the Qwest Edtech mini-grants of years past.

Recent Group Activity

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Collaboration for Creation

School: Illinois Valley High School, Cave Junction, OR

District: Three Rivers School District

Technology: MakerBot Replicator 2X (3D Printer) and iPad minis Read more »

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Ipad Integration K-5

School: May Street Elementary

District: Hood River County School District

Type of Technology being implemented: iPad Mini

The impacts of this project will include teachers’ deeper understanding of the iPad as a teaching tool and expand the number of teachers who can take advantage of the increasing number of iPads in the school.  The project will increase teachers’ ability to access current and up-to-date education tools and information, and it will expand the way they think about teaching.  Read more »

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Reading Acceleration-Team Teaching with Technology

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iLearn, iCreate, iPresent: iPad Minis in 1st Grade

Students are excited at the arrival of iPad minis!!! Read more »

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Chromeworks: Homework with a Flip

The Chromework Project seeks to give the students at Evergreen Elementary, a small, rural high-poverty school, in the Peninsula School District an opportunity to close the digital divide as well as the opportunity gap.  Many of our students do not have consistent access to the internet in their homes, nor do they have the support from parents to complete the homework that would help reclaim the critical academic minutes needed to help them achieve. Read more »

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Using Chromebooks to Integrate Literacy Between Classrooms

The major goal of this project is to increase student performance on the Common Core literacy standards using technology in the classroom on a daily basis.  The secondary goals of this project are to help students meet the Oregon Tech Standards, improve delivery of social studies curriculum at the upper levels of blooms taxonomy, and instructors learning to use the technology necessary  to drive the whole process.  While we are going to describe one specific unit that we intend to complete during this project, the goal is constant use of technology to improve our teaching del Read more »

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Chromebooks in the Library - A Firm Foundation

Olympic View Elementary is in the process of purchasing a classroom set of Chromebooks to be used in the library for technology instruction. With matching funds from our district we will be able to purchase 30 Chromebooks which will be used to teach technology skills to all grade levels K-5, be available for student use during recesses, and be available in the library for teacher training and for library lab use. Since ours is a high-needs school, our goal for this grant is to provide our students with the solid technology education needed to create a foundation for future success. Read more »

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Hawkology Project Goals and Outcomes

Our project goals are based on the need to put technology into the hands of our students. We need to provide access to the technology that will help students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade to be successful 21st Century learners, as well as furthering the knowledge and skills of our students in grades 3 through 5. We plan to achieve our goals through the purchase of Chromebooks for the use of students in our school. The current focus will be on Kindergarten through 2nd Grade. Read more »

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Lacomb School Chromebook Project

Lacomb School

Lebanon Community School District

We will be purchasing a classroom set of Google Chromebooks to be utilized in the third-fifth grade classrooms at our school.

Goals of the Grant

1.    Our first goal in pursuing this grant for Lacomb School is to increase technology access to our students in third through fifth grade students. 

2.    Our second goal is to increase engagement in literacy activities in the classroom, which will increase literacy levels in our students.  Read more »

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Washington Awardees


Congrats 2014 Washington Awardees!



 Read more »


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