CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation: Competitive Grants for Oregon and Washington Teachers. This is the site of the CenturyLink Technology Grants. OETC has been partnering to offer this opportunity since 2005 and are excited to add Washington teachers.  

This is an extention of the Qwest Edtech mini-grants of years past.

Recent Group Activity

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Bend-La Pine/Sky View Middle School "iTouch Math Success" Program

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iPads and Kindergarten Literacy

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Mills Elementary LEGO Robtics (CenturyLink Grant)

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Pilot Rock Elementary's Century Link Progress Report

  Pilot Rock Elementary School teachers K-2 are very grateful to Century Link for the opportunity this grant has given them to use new devices, iPod touches, as tools to help our students in reading and math. Read more »

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Little Fingers, Big Ideas

It has long been assumed, by some, that young students are not ready for the responsibility of an iTouch device. Read more »
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Read, Set, (W)eRead!


Exciting. Imaginative. Scary. Funny. Sad. Books.

Kid friendly. Social. Collaborative. Warm. Comforting. Opportunity. Fun. Libraries.

Libraries have long been a part of the school experience for students. Librarians know their students’ hobbies, interests, reading levels and help them select books and encourage them to read. They also create a culture of the importance and love of reading. Read more »

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Liberty Elementary School's CenturyLink Project Overview

With the daily use of iPads, carefully selected apps, and a team of teachers
looking to advance their own classroom practice, Liberty Elementary School students in the
‘Room 1: Send and Receive’ project will develop and polish their social and
communication skills. Read more »

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Qwest/CenturyLink 2011-12 Grant Application Available

The Qwest/CenturyLink Foundation has partnered with the Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum (OETC) to award $58,500 in mini-grants to districts. Read more »

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