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Notability allows you to take hand-written, typed or voice recorded notes, and pictures. Begin using Notability as a tool in classroom work. Learn the basics of the app and how it can be integrated into student work.


Participants will know and be able to:


  • navigate around Notability utilizing the basic functions,
  • develop fluency in navigation between Notability and Google Drive,
  • design and plan use with students including Google Drive.

Apps and Websites

I-nigma: QR Code Scanner
Notability: Notes extradonaire
Google Drive: Online storage, docs, sheets, slides...
Socrative (Student): Quizzes and Polls

Jigsaw Team Activity


Notability: Notes Screen 
As a team drag descriptions to icons in Padlet (team below) OR using paper label.

Kings Queens Jacks
Tens Nines Eights
Sevens Sixes Fives
Fours Threes Twos


Answer Key

Notability: Library Screen
Import PDF into Notability:  Using the text or drawing tool, replace the ? with the bolded titles. Cut and paste or draw arrows showing the icon on the Library Screen.

Resources: Individual Exploration

  1. Notability Tutorial: Youtube (6:21). Organize notebooks, backups, and export.
  2. Notability User Guide: PDF. Open in Notability (Tap on page/pdf, click Open in Notability).
  3. Notability and Google Drive: Math classroom example.
  4. Notability: Powerful Note Taking for Teachers and Students: 5 classroom ideas.
  5. Digital Workflow with Google Drive and Notability: Burlington Public Schools.
  6. How To Use Notability iPad App in Your Classroom
  7. Less Paper with Notability: PDFs to Notability to Google Drive.


Design Student Application

How will students utilize Notability? Create a lesson plan in Notability.

Notability Video Tutorials by Joann Slotterback

Google Drive and Notability Workflow