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Recent Group Activity

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Professional Development

ENGAGED LEARNING, ACHIEVEMENT AND HUMOR CONFERENCE. I was able to attend this great conference in Chicago on how to incorporate humor into professional development. I learned a lot and enjoyed the opportunity.

Unfortunately I have been sick for two months and was not doing well at the conference. I have been diagnosed with mono, so am doing my best to heal as there is much to do.

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What R We going to do?

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Springfield Qwest Grant

KEZI Morning News
ABC Eugene 11/07/2007 5:30 AM - 6:00 AM Impressions:
A couple of Springfield teachers are bringing pod- casting to their classrooms - all because of a grant from Qwest. Kim Hernandez, a teacher at Centennial Elementary School found out in front of her class, that the 3000-plus dollar grant was given to her. She'll use the money to set up a project where kids visit the virtual world, write reports, and put together "pod-casts." It's incredible. My class is truly the beneficiary of this grant. I'm excited for technology. Have iPods to interview the community with, camera's to catch pictures, mics to catch sound to learn for today's society. Thurston High School will also benefit. The grant there is just more than 7500 dollars. These two teachers were among five statewide who won the money.

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RSS Explained

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11th annual report of "Technology Counts"

Carla speaks up on the National Technology Report Card. She is talking about the Oregon EdTech Professional Development Cadre and the regional cadres!!

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Thinking 21st Century

Videos to stimulate discussion and thought about how we can influence the education of our children. Many of which we have seen in the cadre.

Pay Attention
(Darren Draper)
Teacher Movie (Marco Torres)
Vision of Students Today (B.J. Nesbitt)
Do Schools Kill Creativity? (Sir Ken Robinson)
Did You Know 2.0 (Karl Fisch)
A Vision of Students Today (Michael Wesch)

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Oregon EdTech Cadre Affirmations

"Thanks for leading the EdTech Cadre this year. You're doing a great job! It has been the best professional development I've received in 20 years as an educator. My family and I played 'watch' doin' at the table this morning. It was a great way to start the day!" ~Alex Allen, Harrisburg School District

"I didnít get to thank you directly for allowing me to participate in the Cadre meeting last week. As I said to the whole group, it was a wonderful and invigorating experience. You clearly are a master of effective professional development structures and strategies, seeing the focus on NETS was gratifying to my ISTE eyes, and the people youíve assembled are a wonderful group of professionals. I enjoyed participating and seeing some of the talent in Oregon." ~Leslie Conery, ISTE Deputy CEO

"You are doing a great job and I think Oregon is on the right track. We have so many smart and creative people here we need to tap into their knowledge as much as possible." ~Skip Offenhauser, Instructional Technologies Coordinator, Redmond School District

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Cadre at a Glance


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Here is the plan for OVSD training for 2008. Can you make sense of it? Luckily you don't have to because Darren and I are going to make it clear for you.


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