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Recent Group Activity

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iPad L&L: Session One


  • Connect to the upstairs guest wireless
  • Apply the resources and User Guides to desired interests and learning
  • Download and use a variety of apps (iBooks, Sonicpics lite)
  • Take pictures of your screen and other things and use them in context
  • Add sound to pictures
  • Share (email, upload) pictures (and videos)
  • Navigation shortcuts
  • Using your Contacts in Maps
  • Typing shortcutsRead more »
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iPad Basics

iPad User Guide: For those who like the written directions.
Apple iPad Tutorials
: For those who like video.
iPad Video Tutorial Podcast
: For those who like podcasts, open here or in iTunes. 

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Cafe Style Professional Development ISTE Article

ISTE's Learning&Leading with Technology magazine asked to feature our cadre(s).  I learned a valuable lesson in writing this article.... always retain authorship rights to your own writing.  I of course learned by mistake, I did not retain rights, and so the article I wrote did not appear in it's original form.  Fortunately the point is left... we have a great professional development model and each and everyone of you have gone into making that a reality!  Thank you.

Take a free look through December at the Cafe Style Staff Development article online. Kudos to Brooks and Dean, Joe Buglione and Reta Cochrane.

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Buy WriteSite?

I have met with Lynne Anderson-Inman, Ph.D., the Director of CATE who hosts the Oregon Writing Project to see if she would be interested in taking over the WriteSite. She was not interested at this point seeing that it is not user-friendly enough yet.

I met with Clarity Innovations to see if they would give me a speck on recreating the WriteSite. The cost was $5-10K. At the same time I have been given hope that OETCs goal would be to make it more user-friendly, so I put Clarity on hold for doing any further research and design specks on the project.

I have put WriteSite on the shelf for now. We still have users, but there is no edits to the code at this time.

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Oregon Leadership

Much of this week was spent on planning the Oregon Cadre Leadership meeting. The end of the week we hosted our leaders (who applied by application and letter of reference). I hosted the leadership planning meeting at Forest Grove Grand Lodge McMenamins. We bonded over frisbee golf.

We worked on the year long agenda. We had some tense moments of coming to consensus. Overall, I think we have a good plan and a fantastic team.

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Today I met with Judy Peppler (Qwest), Ginny Lang(Qwest), Steve Nelson (OVSD), and Carla Wade to talk about Qwest Foundation Grant. In the past ODE has received Qwest monies and we have decided to run Qwest Teadcher grants through OETC. Originally I think Carla and I were wanting the foundation monies for the Oregon Cadre to fund regional mini grants. Qwest really felt strongly about the grants being for individual teachers. Thus Carla and I designed a plan that will align. We will award grants to teachers who are involved in a regional cadre. This will make a nice tie from the Oregon Cadre

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REAL Planning

I met with Drew Hinds, Sarah Martin of ODE and Jon Hunter the web contractor for the REAL project. We outlined the scope and sequence of the $75,000 grant I was awarded for adding content and marketing REAL around Oregon.

My goal is to use the monies to award mini grants to cadre participants who want to create regional cadres. These regional cadres would then share the REAL website and resources and pass it on down to the teachers.

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REAL Contractor

I hired my first contractor to work on REAL. Sue will help train and enter lessons in writing, math and science. She will work the duration of the project on a contract basis. I will hire a team of educators to enter in REAL lessons as we get closer to August.

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Ending July

Started the week off by cheating with Claire and John on the scavenger hunt. I thought that was quite fun.

Worked on REAL most of the week.

Carla Wade and I met for a day of planning the Oregon EdTech Cadre for 2007-08. We have added a leadership cadre which will help with the presentations and Carla and I planned their fall planning retreat.

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I met with Leslie Golden who is the Education Enterprise Partnership between ODE and the ESD Superintendents... at least that is the goal. We talked about various areas that we could network together. She also invited Steve Nelson who runs the Oregon Virtual Schools Project and I pitched the idea of running the professional development for the OVSD.

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