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Recent Group Activity

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REAL Contractor

I hired my first contractor to work on REAL. Sue will help train and enter lessons in writing, math and science. She will work the duration of the project on a contract basis. I will hire a team of educators to enter in REAL lessons as we get closer to August.

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COSA Seaside

I presented on "To Block or Not To Block" at COSA Seaside. The one hour session was about whether we should be blocking access to websites such as MySpace, blogs and such or teaching kids how to navigate around these environments. There were only about 14 people in the session on a sunny Thursday [cough] golfing afternoon.

In addition I helped with the REAL session presented by Drew Hinds.

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Exhibit at AWSP

I went and exhibited at the Association of School Principals in Spokane, Washington. My flight was cancelled so I ended up arriving late, but was still able to exhibit one day.

I made two great connections. One was the vendor Achieve3000 who said they would sponsor a dinner at the Oregon Cadre if we let them present for one hour. The second was like EdGate, there name escapes me, but I was wondering if this would be a solution to the ODE REAL project and adding content.

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This Week In Review

This week I had lots of meetings:

  • WriteSite: Met with Jake to talk about the glitches and do minor edits to the WriteSite. Shared the wish list.

  • CampTech: Julie had a meeting to discuss CampTech and get volunteers.

  • ITSC: Met with Jake and Kim to review ITSC registration system issues.

  • REAL: Met with Sue the contractor to review the contract and needs.

  • Intel: Met with Thomas to review the status of the trainings.

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This week the predominate projects that stand out are:

  • Met with EdGate and Drew Hinds to explore the possibility of REAL using EdGate resources rather than designing our own or searching for lessons to match standards. EdGate has a great resource, but ODE felt they could not sustain the cost per student model for the state.

  • Worked on preparing for the REAL contractors training in August.

  • Met with Colin Cameron of COSA to see if there was any possible projects we could partner. Other ideas were to help with the conferences they do to provide technology integration. Since Colin is new, he said he would get a feel for the job and let me know if there was any possible partnership projects.>/li>

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More Networking

Much of this week was devoted to preparing for REAL. The learning curve is huge.

I also made a connection with a Jim Carrol from University of Portland who is involved in the OTEN project. The goal was to see if there were any projects to partner on, as he has the voice of higher ed. It was a difficult meeting, we both found it hard to make connections. He wondered even if we offered things for higher ed, like a strand at ITSC, why would they come? Higher ed has there set events and conferences.... he did give me some contact names of good presenters in the higher ed field though.

Lastly I worked on my board report for the upcoming board retreat.

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Mapleton Training

I traveled to Mapleton School District with Drew Hinds, ODE, to provide professional development around the REAL website. I actually did more training on FURL and helping a staff who just received their new laptops and projectors, to set them up and utilize the new equipment. Usually we would not provide this service without a fee, but it helped to meet one of the REAL deliverables on training.

As a side note, it was a great eye opener for me to be in a small district and see the road blocks and issues surrounding the teacher. Just turning on a computer and what to do about all the pop ups became a huge roadblock. When I taught Furl, we had twenty different issues with installing the browser plugin. Wow, a free tool like Furl took hours of staff development for non tech users. I hardly think about these concerns anymore and am aware I need to think about them.

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A Little of This...a little of that

This weeks highlights:

  • OETC Staff Rafting. We went rafting for our bonding activity. It rained... of all days filled with sun we had the rainy day. IT was so cold but great fun!

  • ITSC planning meeting with Kim.

  • OETC staff planning retreat. Worked with staff to align the board goals with OETC goals and the layout for Ops, IT, Communications and IP.

  • UMESD Round table. Was asked to sit in on a planning meeting that UMESD was having on the directions they should move in technology. It was a great conversation.

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Carla and Cadre

Carla and I met to plan the 2006-07 cadre. We decided to have a leadership team. We asked for applications and met to choose the leadership team.

  • Todd Hamilton
  • Lynn Lary
  • Linda Vanderford
  • Joe Buglione
  • Tim Chase
  • Debbie Breckner
  • Pamela Leland

We will meet in early September for bonding and to plan our first cadre meeting.

Carla and I also worked on our budget for the year. She rolled some funds over to OETC to manage the food and logistics.

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ITSC 2007

Here is a short scrapbook on ITSC 2007! It was a success.

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