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Recent Group Activity

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To Move or Not To Move

Registration reached capacity this year at 450 participants. The rooms were crowded and somewhat uncomfortable. I need to decide if I should move ITSC to a new location for 2008. After much research to find locations that have the bandwidth I have decided to stay at the Sheraton and add two workshops kitty corner at the Embassy Suites. This way we may be able to get up to 550 participants leaving us a boutique conference.

I will again review this in 2008 to see if any locations can handle our capacity and bandwidth. We will make a lot more changes in how we run the event next year, like having tickets for each workshop. Our notes for participant feedback in 2007 and our plans can be found on this google doc. Thanks to Kim for helping me think through this.

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This week was spent cementing and planning the last minute details for the Oregon Cadre next week, to include handouts for notebooks. Take a look at our agenda. We have ninety people registered. Hoping the connectivity is a go!

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Snow Yippee

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ITSC Lunch

I had an OETC planning luncheon to work on ideas for our 2007 ITSC. I also worked with Jake to make the website registration process more user-friendly.

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ITSC 2007

Here is a short scrapbook on ITSC 2007! It was a success.

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Qwest Teacher Grants

Congratulations to all Qwest Teacher Grants. ODE and OETC had thirty-four applicants totaling $173,000. Qwest awarded $50,000, so the process was VERY competitive. Thank you to ALL that applied!

Gail TurnerAthena-Weston SDWeston Middle
Amy LundstromBend-LaPine SDBuckingham Elementary
Dawn LillisRedmond SDRedmond High
Jared BrougherJunction City SDJunction City High
Jeremi ReedBlachly SDTriangle Elementary
Katy MallottLowell SDLundy Elementary
Kelly BeaudryBend-LaPine SDLaPine Middle
Nancy UnruhSouth Lane SDHarrison Elementary
Tony WynnBlachly SDTriangle Lake High
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This week started out as one of my least favorite experiences ever. Training contractors in on entering rigorous and relevant, high quality lessons into the REAL website. Let's have four contractors work four hours entering in lesson plans only to have the system time out and erase all their work. Yep, that was just one of the special events that I had to put up with working from ODE (because we are not allowed to enter in data offsite, security). I was not the only frustrated person, but this contract has been very difficult, not only the learning curve, but the red tape.

Overall, I think the lessons will be pretty good.

Sadly, this was not a great week. I was informed at an Intel meeting that they will not give us the rest of the funding for the Intel grant. A great part is OETCs lack of success in filling and offering Intel Workshops. We have had some, more in Montana, but we have not met our goal. In addition, Intel is no longer using RTAs for training's of the future. So I will be letting Thomas go and this project will be coming to an end.

I am thankful not all weeks are like htis one.

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Hodge Podge

We said goodbye to Thomas this week. Sad.

I met with Carla to discuss the Oregon Cadre.

Went off to NSDC in Nashville.

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Montana Cadre Planning

We are hosting the spring cadre in a Bozeman, Montana at the Hilton Garden. As we have not yet hosted it here I am leary of the internet connection, but since most of the agenda is entirely online, if there are problems we will have to use an alternative strategy like splitting up amongst coffee shops and doing it remotely. My fingers are crossed, don't wanna have to figure that one out.

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Too Many People

OK, there is no way without lots of words to describe the details that go into planning a conference. So I won't bore you with all that I am doing right now to be prepared for ITSC, however it is important to note that we are filling up, and I will need to cap registration, but I wish I could keep taking more in.

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