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Regional Mini Grant Awards

hooray.jpgCongratulations to the district and ESD regions that were awarded EdTech Cadre Mini Grant Awards for 2006-07: ~ Malheur ESD ~ Three Rivers School District ~ High Desert ESD ~ Douglas ESD ~ Klamath County School District ~ Klamath Falls City Schools ~ Lane ESD ~ Hood River City School District ~ Umatilla Morrow ESD ~ North Marion School District ~ Clackamas ESD ~
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Cool Tools at NCCE

Wow! IT has been back to back presenting, three weeks in a row. I did a session at NCCE on Cool Tools. I had about 80 people in a huge room. I don't like doing sessions that are not hands on, it is tough for me, I want people to have practice... but it seemed to go over well. I had them up and moving and dialogging along with showcasing some web 2.0 tools.

I did a search recently in Flickr for NCEE and found this picture someone took of me.

Diane Woodard was given the Outstanding Educator award at NCCE. That was great, she totally deserves it.

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Prior to ITSC I was informed by ODE that the quality of the lessons we linked to was not up to the level required, thus making it so we did not have the correct number of deliverables. In addition, there was miscommunication with the contract and my understanding of the deliverable, so much of the work we did in writing was not what they had wanted. So I met with ODE to clarify the situation and come up with a solution.

I am really sick about this and for the last month have been mulling it over. At the meeting we were able to see what the mis communications were. ODE took responsibility and kindly altered the deliverables and we changed some. We will have a second meeting to walk through the details. Hind sight is 20/20, if I knew then, what I know now, the project would have gone so much smoother. I am disappointed in mysefl for lnot meeting exceptional the requirements set before me.

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Hodge Podge

We said goodbye to Thomas this week. Sad.

I met with Carla to discuss the Oregon Cadre.

Went off to NSDC in Nashville.

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Montana Cadre Planning

We are hosting the spring cadre in a Bozeman, Montana at the Hilton Garden. As we have not yet hosted it here I am leary of the internet connection, but since most of the agenda is entirely online, if there are problems we will have to use an alternative strategy like splitting up amongst coffee shops and doing it remotely. My fingers are crossed, don't wanna have to figure that one out.

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Too Many People

OK, there is no way without lots of words to describe the details that go into planning a conference. So I won't bore you with all that I am doing right now to be prepared for ITSC, however it is important to note that we are filling up, and I will need to cap registration, but I wish I could keep taking more in.

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Fall Oregon Meeting

WOW! What a blast. The Oregon Cadre had it's best meeting yet. Take a look at what the cadre is blogging about.

To consider in future planning:

  • Down side, the break out rooms where small.

  • The connectivity was not the best.

  • The process for getting cadre members to be authors on the blog was cumbersome.

  • Vendor supported meals. We had a complaint about a vendor schpeal that paid for dinner

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I am not writing much in the next few weeks, due to ITSC overload. Things are going along smoothly. Concerned about enough wireless access points, but working diligently on that with Jeff from the Sheraton.

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Working with Thomas to finish necessary reports in wrapping up the contract we have with Intel. Thomas will work through November and then his contract is terminated.



Reading and awarding Oregon grants

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I have spent time researching SecondLife. I have an avatar, JenaFIRE Voom and have become a member of ISTE in SL. I attended an all day conference in SecondLife on how it is being used in education. This was pretty useful to me and engaging. I worked from home that day and my 17 year old sat and participated for an hour mumbling, I wish I had teachers that would utilize some of these tools.

There is a lot of discussion and controversy around the concept. I am going to have Kathy Schrock present at ITSC on this. I am not sure I will go much more indepth, but I think it is a representation of the future, and how we will learn virtually.

JenaFIRE Voom
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