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Recent Group Activity

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Montana Cadre Planning

We are hosting the spring cadre in a Bozeman, Montana at the Hilton Garden. As we have not yet hosted it here I am leary of the internet connection, but since most of the agenda is entirely online, if there are problems we will have to use an alternative strategy like splitting up amongst coffee shops and doing it remotely. My fingers are crossed, don't wanna have to figure that one out.

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Too Many People

OK, there is no way without lots of words to describe the details that go into planning a conference. So I won't bore you with all that I am doing right now to be prepared for ITSC, however it is important to note that we are filling up, and I will need to cap registration, but I wish I could keep taking more in.

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Fall Oregon Meeting

WOW! What a blast. The Oregon Cadre had it's best meeting yet. Take a look at what the cadre is blogging about.

To consider in future planning:

  • Down side, the break out rooms where small.

  • The connectivity was not the best.

  • The process for getting cadre members to be authors on the blog was cumbersome.

  • Vendor supported meals. We had a complaint about a vendor schpeal that paid for dinner

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Presented to ODE on the first REAL Deliverable which was Content Background for English/Language Arts. I had four meetings in a row. I was disappointed that each meeting the participants showed up late. However, we accomplished our first deliverable beyond the requirements.

(Working on ITSC this week to open up registration).

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The Cadre's Mighty Reach

"I heard the voice of a student who has selective mutisum. I have worked with this student since she came here as a kindergartner. She has come to computer lab once a week for the past five years and never said a word in class. I was brought to tears by something she achieved with technology as a tool. We have been working on producing a spring haiku photostory. Students have written a poem, found photographs to illustrate it, added music, and narrated it. Today SHE wanted to narrate her poem. YES!!!!!! Is technology a tool that can unlock a door? Yes!"
~ Carol Proudfit (has attended ITSC and is a part of the Salem-Keizer EdTech Cadre.

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Classrooms of Distinction

I was encouraged to attend Classrooms of Distinction, right before ITSC. It looked cool, my favorite session was the math session. Besides the internet at the convention center being HORRIBLE, I was disappointed... if you removed all the technology the classrooms would have looked the same as a paper pencil worksheet classroom, no interaction, same old strategies. Maybe my thinking has to evolve here but why spend the money if we are going to do it the same ole way? Besides the math session the presenters where not that engaging, but yes we know I have high standards...NEXT...

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Regional Mini Grant Awards

hooray.jpgCongratulations to the district and ESD regions that were awarded EdTech Cadre Mini Grant Awards for 2006-07: ~ Malheur ESD ~ Three Rivers School District ~ High Desert ESD ~ Douglas ESD ~ Klamath County School District ~ Klamath Falls City Schools ~ Lane ESD ~ Hood River City School District ~ Umatilla Morrow ESD ~ North Marion School District ~ Clackamas ESD ~
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Google at ASTE

I am presenting a pre-con workshop and some sessions at ASTE in Alaska. I am over preparing based on what happened at ITSC with the internet going down. Lynn Lary has allowed me to work with her handouts for my workshop besides my webpage. Can you believe it? Jennifer is providing handouts, geez!

The workshops went well. I also hid some geocaches for a contest they are having. The conference itself, the attendance seems to continue to dwindle. I wonder if it is worth the expense to come up here? I guess if we want to reach Alaska, this is one way.

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2006-07 Awarded Grants

It is really exciting that we have opportunities to offer grants in technology integration. Here is a visual that shows the grants awarded this year and how they align to the Oregon Cadre.


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Communications with Grantees

I spent time connecting with both our Qwest Teacher Grant Awardee's and with the Regional Cadre Mini-Grant recipients. You can learn more about what the teachers grants were about here.

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