5th Grade Fluency Practice

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Grade Level(s):  
Oregon Common Core State Standards: 
Lesson Plan Details
4X week - Mon. & Thurs 20 min. Tues. & Wed. 10 min. This can be a year long process for some students.
Students will use Inspiration and/or Garage Band to practice, listen to, and increase their fluency. Students will learn how to use Inspiration and/or Garage Band and record and save their fluency twice a week. They will also see how their fluency increases weekly with practice.
Computers with Inspiration and/or Garage Band on them. It is helpful if they have headphones with a mic attached.

Prior to instruction, the teacher needs to:

  • Identify the reading fluency level of each student.
  • Using EasyCBM or Dibels Oral Reading Fluency Progress Monitoring passages.   The teacher can find passages at the grade levels needed for each student.
  • Make a folder in the district server for students to save their fluency "Inspiration".
  • Discuss Fluency Rubic with students reviewing what is looked for in a good reader and how fluency is scored.

In this lesson, the teacher will...

  1. On Monday partners are assigned a computer. The first Monday this will take longer because you are teaching the process and in some cases the program.
  2. They will open Inspiration with Partner A on the computer. In the center circle write down Partner B's name and hit rapid fire. Then write the date and Cold Read and hit enter.
  3. In that bubble go to Insert video and sound, then record sound. Partner B gets their reading passage ready and Partner A works the computer. Read the passage for 1 minute, stop and save. 
  4. Repeat process with Partner B on the computer and Partner A reading. Each partner will save their own fluency "Inspiration".  (This process takes about 15 minutes once they understand how the program works.)
  5. On Tuesday, with the same partner, read the passage and mark your stopping spot at the end of 1 minute. Repeat for partner. (This takes about 10 minutes)
  6. On Wednesday repeat Tuesday's process.
  7. Thursday Partner A opens Inspiration file for their partner and adds a rapid fire bubble to their inspiration.  They date the bubble, add hot read, and go to insert video and sound, record sound. 
  8. Repeat process with Partner B.
  9. Students are also required to practice Monday through Wednesday night at home with their parents.
  10. After their final recording on Thursday students can listen to their cold read and hot read.  Using their scoring rubic they will be able to score both their cold read and their hot read. 
  11. Students will then record their scores on an excel spreadsheet with both scores and the dates.  They can track their process for the year.  After they are comfortable with the scoring rubic they can also add those scores. 

Oregon Educational Technology Standards
Research and Information Fluency: 
3D. Analyze, evaluate, and summarize information or data and report results.
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making: 
4C. Collect and analyze data to identify solutions and or make informed decisions.
Digital Citizenship: 
5B. Model and practice a positive attitude toward using digital technology that supports collaboration, learning, and productivity.
5C. Demonstrate personal responsibility for lifelong learning.
Technology Operations and Concepts: 
6A. Select, use, and troubleshoot tools efficiently.
6B. Transfer current knowledge to learning of new technologies.
Career Related Learning Standards
Personal Management: 
CR3A. Take responsibility for decisions and actions and anticipate consequences of decisions and actions.
CR4A. Maintain regular attendance and be on time.
CR3C Give and receive feedback in a positive manner.
CR4A. Identify different types of teams and roles within each type of team; describe why each role is important to effective teamwork.
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