Adding and Subtracting Decimals with Excel

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Lesson Plan Details
2 class periods (45 min each)
Students will learn... 1. how to use a spreadsheet (write formulas) 2. use this technology to check their work.
Smartboard (or document camera) Laptops for the students

Prior to instruction, the teacher needs to...

* Familiarize themselves with the lesson.  The extension on the backside as written involves using negative numbers.  Although I feel this is a natural setting for them, if you are uncomfortable introducing them at this time, change the starting amount to a larger figure.

* Make copies of the worksheet for the class.

* Be familiar enough with the spreadsheet capabilities that you will be able to troubleshoot when questions arise.


In this lesson, the teacher will...

1.  Spend a day "doing the math" with the students.  The lesson is on the smartboard document.  If you do not have access to a smartboard, you can print the pages and project them with a document camera.  You can either demonstrate how to the add and subtract decimals on the board, or randomly choose students to come up to the board to show their process.

2.  Spend the 2nd day "checking the math" with the laptops.  I prefer to work through this lesson with the kids on my smartboard while they work on the laptops as opposed to having pre-written instructions.  As discoveries are made by the kids (changing fonts, increasing column width,...) they can be demonstrated on the board.  If you choose to have pre-written instructions, some website links are included below that you may find helpful.  (I have not used them.)


The extension on side 2 can be used as an assessment item, or you can make a third piece by changing the amounts.

Career Related Learning Standards
Employment Foundations: 
CR5A. Apply academic knowledge and technical skills in a career context.