Analyzing Verb Use Thorugh Guided Wordle: Part 2

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Lesson Plan Details
60 minutes

Students will analyze their writing to see what word choice they are currently using, and ways to improve their writing by using synonyms for overly used words.


Teacher laptop, projector, student laptops (15), Wordle program (, laser printer, student writing journals, chart paper for public record


Teacher will demonstrate how to construct a Wordle using verbs from writing during previous lesson. (See Lesson One)


Students have prior knowledge in using Wordle and how it depicts words that are used multiple times by making them larger on the final project.


Student will have also practiced the concept of synonyms in a previous Sentence of the Week lesson.


Session 1 (30 minutes)

  1. Teacher will review lesson one’s procedures and Wordle. 
  2. Teacher will project and cover direction on board that include:
  3. Accessing Wordle through the link on the teacher’s blog (a familiar procedure for students).
  4. Students will select their favorite writing piece from their writing journal, and type the whole story into the Wordle application. Their writing partner will aid them in the input process by reading their journal entries to them.
  5. Students will then click “create” and have their Wordle displayed.
  6. Students will need to raise their hand, for the teacher to give them permission to print.
  7. Both students will then work together to think of synonyms for the words that show up very large in their Wordle.
  8. After partner one’s Wordle and synonyms are complete, students will then switch and follow the same steps for partner two.
  9. The goal for this portion of the lesson is for both partners to have a complete Wordle and synonym list for use in revising during tomorrow’s session.


Session 2 (30 minutes)

  1. The following day, students will reconvene at the carpet meeting area and each person will state the word the used the most and 1-2 synonyms they plan to interchange for these words. 
  2. The teacher will keep track of each student’s word and synonym on a public record, for students to reference as they revise their writing.
  3. Students will then return to their seats and work on revising their original story by improving word choice by using the synonyms they developed during their Wordle activity with their partner.

After revising, they will be asked to edit in their normal format (capitals, end punctuation, capitalization of proper nouns, etc.) that they use regularly and then turn in a final copy of their writing with their first draft to be used for assessment by the teacher.


Teacher will evaluate the word choice differences, according to the state scoring guide, for both the first draft and final draft writes to note improvement.

Oregon Educational Technology Standards
Technology Operations and Concepts: 
6B. Transfer current knowledge to learning of new technologies.
Career Related Learning Standards
CR4B. Demonstrate skills that improve team effectiveness (e.g., negotiation, compromise, consensus building, conflict management, shared decision making and goal-setting).
Sarah Prudhomme's picture

I like the idea of having a visual for repeated words, but I worry that this will take my students too long for what the payoff is.  

beverlylewis's picture

Hello, I would like to use your lesson.  I can probably make up a first lesson to get ready but I wondered if lesson one is posted here somewhere?  I am not finding it.  Thanks for any help.

beverlylewis's picture

Hello, I would like to use your lesson.  I can probably make up a first lesson to get ready but I wondered if lesson one is posted here somewhere?  I am not finding it.  Thanks for any help.

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Interesting use of Wordle.  The kid could visually see what they saying.  I can see what Sarah is saying.  The payoff might be worth it if the kids typed up what they wrote in a word processing program frist (this will help with spelling errors).  Then they could copy and paste it into Wordle.  Make their changes on their document.  Then copy and paste it to your blog for peer editing or publishing to the world.