Analyzing Word Use Through Guided WORDLE (part 1)

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Lesson Plan Details
45 minutes


- Discover which verbs that are perhaps being overused in their writing. 

- How to put words into, and create a WORDLE.






Teacher needs to know how to use Wordle

Teacher needs to be sure all students can identify the verb in a sentence. 



Students need to know…

 - What a verb is.

 - How to find the verb in a sentence.


Teacher will explain that good writers are always trying to improve their writing.  Explain that there is a really cool program that they are going to learn to use, and that today they will using it to help show them which verbs they use often.

Teacher should pull kids over to carpet or somewhere else close where they can view the “screen”

Using a short piece of writing, which is projected on the screen, the teacher will circle the verbs in each sentence.

Teacher will then open WORDLE, which will be projected from laptop to the screen, and demonstrate how to type the verbs into “wordle” using a piece of writing.

Students will share what they notice about the wordle.

Teacher will record on chart paper for future reference ( see Lesson #2 by Chelsea Mabie)

Have students take their own writing, grab their writing partner, do a WORDLE with their own verbs. Explain that tomorrow students will use use their own writing


Seeing and hearing a picture book is very motivating.

Seeing a “Graphic Organizer” come to life is motivating.

Doing a graphic organizer together the first time is more motivating for those who are not as familiar with it.


Cooperatively fill out the graphic organizer today, and then fill out the graphic organizer with a partner in lesson #2 tomorrow.

Oregon Educational Technology Standards
Communication and Collaboration: 
2A. Interact and collaborate with peers, experts, or others employing a variety of digital environments and media.
Career Related Learning Standards
CR4B. Demonstrate skills that improve team effectiveness (e.g., negotiation, compromise, consensus building, conflict management, shared decision making and goal-setting).
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Seems like a good activity to get students started on using a web2.0 site and understanding how verbs can be over used.  How about a second phase that develops using alternate verbs to replace the over used ones?

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I think this is a great idea, curious if it worked the way you planned.  Seeing how often you used certain verbs and what could be the alternatives to the verb would help develop a larger vocabulary and better use of language.  

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You have encouraged me (I teach math in a small middle school) to have students take current math words and create a wordle. I wonder, at the middle school, could I allow my students to learn Wordle themselves and help each other to learn?

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My students love wordle and they may be happy to use this fun tool for something constructive.