Blogging to Create a Community of Writers: #8 Persuasive Writing Blog and Podcast Assignment

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2 weeks

Students will learn to create a persuasive podcast. Students will have written the persuasive speech and record it on garage band. The emphasis will be on persuasive expression.

This lesson is the eighth in a series of lessons aimed at incorporating blogs into your classroom to create a community of writers.  These are the resources that are needed to set up classroom blogs and communicate with families regarding student blogs.

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Laptops, garage band, possibly some students could also record on ipods.


Prior to instruction, the teacher needs to have...

  • Students listen to examples of effective and ineffective podcasts, from this students will need to generate a list of “What Works” in a podcast.
  • Students will have done a previous project where they recorded in Garageband, inserted a jingle and a sound effect. Some students may know basic editing skills (ie. Splitting audio clips in Garageband, adding and deleting clips, moving audio clips, adding images to the podcast track and adjusting lengths)

In this lesson, the teacher will...

Anticipatory Guide:  Pre-teaching Supporting Details for a persuasive arguments: Play the Apples to Apples
game in groups of 5. One of the students chooses a topic card. They place that in the middle of the table and the remaining students choose a card from their pile that best aligns with the topic card. When they place it down they have to include 3 supporting details that justify why their card best aligns with the topic card. The student who placed down the original topic card selects the student who had the best supporting details, and therefore won the round. This student wins that round.  

Blog Entry: Have the students watch a Super Bowl Commercial. Have them answer on their blog page the following evaluation question.

The purpose of commercials is to persuade you to buy the product that is being promoted in the commercial. Watch the video and write down whether or not this commercial persuades you to buy the company's product. You need to provide a minimum of 3 reasons why this commercial is or is not persuasive. The people who created this commercial spent over 4 million to bring it to your eyes. Therefore did they spend their money well? Once you have responded please read the comments of three other students in the class and reply to their statements.

Once students have practiced coming up with supportive details for persuasive arguments and have had an opportunity to evaluate an example of persuasive media have students choose a persuasive argument from the following list.

Persuasive Speech Topics:

  1. Do schools have the right to search students’ lockers?
  2. Should schools require their students to wear a school uniform?
  3. Should Physical Education in schools be compulsory?
  4. Should parents be held morally and legally responsible for the actions/needs of their children?
  5. Should young people be subjected to curfews as a way to reduce crime?
  6. Should governments censor material on the world wide web?
  7. Does television have a negative influence on society?
  8. Should we ban the keeping of animals in circuses?
  9. Should cell phones be banned in schools?
  • Students will create reasons or evidence to support their position on the topic they choose.
  • Students will use the laptops to find one fact to support their argument.
  • Students will be taught how to incorporate these facts and reasons into the supporting details of their argument.
  • Students will create an attention getter and introduce their opinion statement for the beginning of their persuasive piece. Students will also review their position and create a call to action.
  • Students will edit their writing.
  • As a group we will listen to effective persuasive speeches (Martin Luter King “I Have a Dream Speech” and Obama’s “Educational Speech” and Ronald Reagan “Tear Down this Wall Speech”)
  • Students will work in small groups to talk about what makes an effective persuasive delivery. These will then be shared with the group and come up with a master list.
  • They will begin recording their podcasts in garage band or on the ipod.
  • Students are then able to add a jingle to the beginning and/or end of the speech.
  • Students will add at least one image to the podcast.
  • Students will work in groups to give feedback to one another about the persuasive delivery of the speech.

Students will have written an edited persuasive speech and created a podcast of them reading the speech.

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This idea will help me with a podcast next time.  I like the persuasive writing.  I always have a hard time fitting that mode in, but having them persuade someone using a podcast sounds like a great idea!  I love that you used the superbowl commercials.