Character Development in Writing

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Lesson Plan Details
1 Week
Students will compare and contrast two or more characters drawing on specific details in the text by creating and writing characters into a story line.
Students will use their computers to generate stories using in final draft form.

The teacher will need to set up class list into or so that students will be able to create a character and compare two stories of indirect and direct character personality descriptions.


The teacher will discuss what makes character traits:

Direct characterization is the method in which the author directly states what a character is like.

Students partner share in groups and give examples in whole group.

The teacher models the method in which the author shows or dramatizes a character's
personality indirectly by Indirect Characterization

        *  Showing the character acting and
        *  Revealing the character's inner thoughts
        *  Giving a physical description of the character
        *  Revealing what other characters think about the
                  character or relate to him or her

The author allows you, the reader, to draw your own
conclusions about the character.

Students partner share in groups and give examples in whole group.


You will be able to assess students' published work on the Storybird Website.  You will be able to have students rate the difference between the interest it creates for the reader by both reading their own story and those created by their classmates.  I would also note that you could have students identify whether or not they were using indirect and/or direct characterization and what they were able to tell about the character from the indirect description.

Oregon Educational Technology Standards
Creativity and Innovation: 
1B. Create original works as a means of personal or group expression.
Communication and Collaboration: 
2A. Interact and collaborate with peers, experts, or others employing a variety of digital environments and media.
Technology Operations and Concepts: 
6B. Transfer current knowledge to learning of new technologies.
Career Related Learning Standards
CR3C Give and receive feedback in a positive manner.
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Thank you for viewing my lesson plan.  You may want to teach lessons on how to give constructive responses (in writing) between students and playing with the graphics (limiting the time limit on graphic design) since the focus is on writing.