Children's Books

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Oregon Common Core State Standards: 
Lesson Plan Details
3 weeks
Students will use laptops, Pages, document camera, and projector to create and present their Children's Book Project.
Laptops, Document Camera, Projector, Pages

Create and provide each student with a project outline and scoring rubric.

Gather student examples from previous years to share with class.

Gather good examples of children's picture books to use for a class book pass.

Make a folder for each student to keep all materials in for the duration of this project.

Create a checklist to use with students during editting conferences.


Do a children's picture book pass with the class and have discussion about ideas for their project.

Go over project outline and scoring guide. (attached)

Share student examples.

Review expectations and go through project steps with class.

Review writing traits.

Revist classroom writing resources.





Students use Pages to complete final product.

Student work includes all requirements from project outline.

Students have presented their book to the class.

Oregon Educational Technology Standards
Creativity and Innovation: 
1A. Apply existing knowledge to forecast possibilities and generate new ideas, products or processes.
1B. Create original works as a means of personal or group expression.
Communication and Collaboration: 
2A. Interact and collaborate with peers, experts, or others employing a variety of digital environments and media.
Digital Citizenship: 
5A. Advocate and practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information and digital technology.
5B. Model and practice a positive attitude toward using digital technology that supports collaboration, learning, and productivity.
Technology Operations and Concepts: 
6A. Select, use, and troubleshoot tools efficiently.
Career Related Learning Standards
Personal Management: 
CR1A. Identify tasks that need to be done and initiate action to complete the tasks.
CR2A. Plan, organize, and complete projects and assigned tasks on time, meeting agreed upon standards of quality.
CR3A. Take responsibility for decisions and actions and anticipate consequences of decisions and actions.
CR4A. Maintain regular attendance and be on time.
CR3A. Locate, process, and convey information using traditional and technological tools.
CR3C Give and receive feedback in a positive manner.