Collaborative Editing

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Lesson Plan Details
45 minutes

Students will learn... 

use piratepad as a tool to...

  • work in groups of 4 to collaboratively to revise and edit a piece of writing
  • discuss ideas in a postive voice
  • comprimise on a final product as a group



Microsoft Word


Prior to instruction, the teacher needs to...

  • create a paragraph in Word that needesto be edited
  • copy and paste the parargraph into a new piratepad page. 
  • Click on the Share button and copy the url.

Open up your edmodo site and paste the piratepad url as a link.  I wanted to have kids work in groups of 4 so I repeated this process a few times.  In the end I had 5 different piratepad links on the edmodo site.

Once kids get use to using the piratepad site and saving the url and sending it to me or posting it to me on edmodo they can open up their own piratepad page and copy and paste the paragraphs themselves.  They can also inivite others to join their piratepad site.       


In this lesson, the teacher will...

Students are divided into groups of 4.  Each student is assigned a role to minimize and speed up the editing process. 


After the team has completed editing their paragraphs they will post them on edmodo to be graded my me.  I used the Oregon State Writing Scoring Guide.

Oregon Educational Technology Standards
Communication and Collaboration: 
2A. Interact and collaborate with peers, experts, or others employing a variety of digital environments and media.
2D. Contribute to project teams. Produce original works or solve problems in a team setting.
Digital Citizenship: 
5B. Model and practice a positive attitude toward using digital technology that supports collaboration, learning, and productivity.
Career Related Learning Standards
Personal Management: 
CR1A. Identify tasks that need to be done and initiate action to complete the tasks.
CR3A. Locate, process, and convey information using traditional and technological tools.
CR3C Give and receive feedback in a positive manner.
CR4A. Identify different types of teams and roles within each type of team; describe why each role is important to effective teamwork.
Employment Foundations: 
CR5H. Explain and follow regulatory requirements, security procedures, and ethical practices.
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This seems like good practice for writing.  I love the collaborative effort that this lesson involves.  I am curious what the next lessons would be to further empower the students to individually be good writers.  Thanks for sharing!

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I'm thinking that this is a lesson that will really help students develop their editing skills.  This is definitely a lot more interactive, with students themselves doing the editing, instead of me on the overhead.