Electricity Inspiration Investigation

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Oregon Common Core State Standards: 
3.4D.2 Describe how recent inventions have significantly changed the way people live.
EL.03.WR.28 Write brief responses to literary text:
Lesson Plan Details
60 minutes
Students will give written responses to an Inspiration Investigation about the nature and use of electricity.
Windows 7, Inspiration, Discovery Education Streaming resources.

Prior to instruction, the teacher needs to have taught a physical investigation of simple DC electrical circuits involving batteries, wires, bulbs, conductors and insulators. This should take two one hour lessons.




The teacher needs to find, adjust or create an appropriate Inspiration template.

In this lesson, the teacher will provide a template in Inspiration Investigations so that the student can recap the basic ideas of simple electrical circuits and respond in complete sentences.

Students should begin with the response to the photograph then move on to the video, sound, then finally the website. Partners should write while their counterpart dictates to them


Students will respond in the template to  the questions embedded about the picture, video, and sounds. The Webste will provide a buffer/sponge activity for those who finish early. Each response should be at least 2-4 sentences long and directly respond to the questions.

Oregon Educational Technology Standards
Creativity and Innovation: 
1B. Create original works as a means of personal or group expression.
Communication and Collaboration: 
2A. Interact and collaborate with peers, experts, or others employing a variety of digital environments and media.
Research and Information Fluency: 
3B. Locate, organize and use information ethically from a variety of sources and media.
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making: 
4C. Collect and analyze data to identify solutions and or make informed decisions.
Digital Citizenship: 
5C. Demonstrate personal responsibility for lifelong learning.
Career Related Learning Standards
Personal Management: 
CR2A. Plan, organize, and complete projects and assigned tasks on time, meeting agreed upon standards of quality.
CR3A. Locate, process, and convey information using traditional and technological tools.
CR4B. Demonstrate skills that improve team effectiveness (e.g., negotiation, compromise, consensus building, conflict management, shared decision making and goal-setting).