Formative Assessment for Solving Multi-Digit Subtraction Problems using an Interactive Whiteboad

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Lesson Plan Details
30 minutes
Students will demonstrate how to solve a multi-digit subtraction problem and explain their process through a voice recording.
iPad or iPod using Educreations, Explain Everything, or ShowMe interactive whiteboard app.

Prior to instruction, the teacher needs to download one of the interactive whiteboard apps onto the student devices. Students should have had some prior instruction on multi-digit subtraction strategies. 


In this lesson, the teacher will explain the task to students and model an example of expectations.

1. Students will tell a subtraction story using multi-digit numbers and record themselves on their interactive whiteboard.

2. Students will solve the problem, explaining the steps using temporal words.

3. Students will also draw a proof drawing to check their computation.

4. Students will share their completed project with their teacher.

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