"My Future" Microsoft Publisher Brochure

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Lesson Plan Details
2 class periods

Students will learn about how to use Microsoft Publisher software while also working on writing and composition skills. Students will become familiar with Microsoft Publisher software and creating brochure documents to share with peers and family members. The document students produce will challenge them to think about their plans for the future.

  • This lesson can also be adapted for other purposes or themes
  • Student laptops / computers
  • Microsoft Publisher (software)
  • Printer (color, if possible)
  1. Using Microsoft Publisher, create a template for students to use, creating a structure or theme for students to fill in with their own work.
  2. Save the template as a read-only file that students can access on their computers.

1. Have students brainstorm ideas related to the following questions:

  • What are your plans after middle school?
  • What are your plans after high school?
  • What careers are you interested in?
  • Where would you like to live as an adult?
  • How would you like to make a difference in the world?

2. After students have written down their first responses, discuss the project students are going to create and show them the template for the brochure they are going to create. Also, show students different options for formatting their  brochures. You might also consider showing students:

  • How to upload pictures from the internet, cameras, or cell phones
  • How to add background colors or patterns to their brochures
  • How to move text or pictures to the foreground / background of their document
  • Other elements you would like students to include...

3. Let the students access the brochure template and let them create!

4. When students are finished, have them print out two copies of their final product (one for themselves, and one for you!)

5. After the brochures are complete, you may want to work with students on editing and improving their work.

Note: This project is a great "showcase" assignment, because students will be engaged in creating them and eager to share what they have produced. Encourage them to share these brochures with parents and other students.


The assessment for this lesson is attached on the instructions form.

Oregon Educational Technology Standards
Creativity and Innovation: 
1A. Apply existing knowledge to forecast possibilities and generate new ideas, products or processes.
1B. Create original works as a means of personal or group expression.
Communication and Collaboration: 
2B. Effectively communicate and publish to multiple audiences using a variety of media and formats.
Technology Operations and Concepts: 
6A. Select, use, and troubleshoot tools efficiently.
6B. Transfer current knowledge to learning of new technologies.
Career Related Learning Standards
Personal Management: 
CR1A. Identify tasks that need to be done and initiate action to complete the tasks.
CR4A. Maintain regular attendance and be on time.
CR3A. Locate, process, and convey information using traditional and technological tools.
Career Development: 
CR6C. Develop and discuss a current plan designed to achieve personal, educational, and career goals.