"Retell Contest" Using TOOLS 4 STUDENTS" on iPad

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Content Area(s):  
Grade Level(s):  
Oregon Common Core State Standards: 
3 RL.2
3 RI.2
Lesson Plan Details
30 minutes

Students will learn...

to retell a story with main idea and at least three details in sequence on iPad using Tools4Students
One iPad for each student, Tools4Students app, current reading selection, retell questions, retell rubric, real or play microphone.

Prior to instruction, the teacher needs to: 

Ensure that the class iPad app "Tools4 Students" is on each students device.

Have retell rubric and clues available, either one per student or projected for students to see

Read the selection witn the class.

Have microphone available for contest portion of the lesson.


In this lesson, the teacher will...

Have students open Tools4Students app, go to graphic organizer: Main idea/ detail.

Model how to answer sections on main idea and details. 

Have students fill in these sections on iPad.

Choose a couple of students to retell the story, from memory , if possible, using the microphone as a prop. Other students listen and score using the rubric.



Students are able to apply the rubric to themselves and classmates

The Tools4Students completed form can be read by the teacher to see if the students were able to complete the main idea and details of the story.

The students' retell score on DIBELS will reflect their ability to retell a story with the compnenents. 

Oregon Educational Technology Standards
Creativity and Innovation: 
1B. Create original works as a means of personal or group expression.
Communication and Collaboration: 
2A. Interact and collaborate with peers, experts, or others employing a variety of digital environments and media.
Digital Citizenship: 
5A. Advocate and practice safe, legal, and responsible use of information and digital technology.
5B. Model and practice a positive attitude toward using digital technology that supports collaboration, learning, and productivity.
5C. Demonstrate personal responsibility for lifelong learning.
Career Related Learning Standards
CR3A. Locate, process, and convey information using traditional and technological tools.
CR3B. Listen attentively and summarize key elements of verbal and non-verbal communication.
CR3C Give and receive feedback in a positive manner.