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Symmetry Lesson with Kidspiration

Students will use the technology software program Kidspiration to build and solve symmetrical designs with two dimensional shapes.
3 Mathematics Anonymous Visitor

The Great Inventor iMovie project

Students will learn how to use iMovie to create a video commercial of their own engineered design.
8 Science Anonymous Visitor

Electricity Inspiration Investigation

Students will give written responses to an Inspiration Investigation about the nature and use of electricity.
3, 4 English Language Arts, Science Anonymous Visitor

Water Cycle Kidspiration Drawing

Students will use the software program Kidspiration to draw and write out the steps of the water cycle.
3 Science Anonymous Visitor

Vocabulary Review through Comic Life by Angela Coburn and David Wickham

Students will demonstrate their understanding of vocabulary words through telling a story with Comic Life.
3, 4, 5 English Language Arts Anonymous Visitor

Whole Class Eagle Movie

Introduce students to Photostory software through the building of a class "Eagle" I Am poem.
3, 4 English Language Arts Anonymous Visitor

Same Area, Different Perimeter

Students will compare different rectangles with the same area to discover the change in perimeter.
4 Mathematics Anonymous Visitor

Reading Comprehension Using And Then What Happened Paul Revere

Students will read to understand the biography, And Then What Happened Paul Revere? Students will identify main events in the selection by answering...
5 English Language Arts, Social Studies Anonymous Visitor

3-D Shapes

Students will learn...and identify 3D shapes (solid shapes) by names, figure, and attributes. Also identify these shapes in real world objects.
1 Mathematics Anonymous Visitor

Severe Weather Keynote

Students will learn about severe weather conditions while creating a keynote presentation using an iPad.
2 English Language Arts, Science Amy Campbell