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Planet Powerpoint

Students will learn... 1) research a planet using the internet 2) fill in a 4 square model using the information obtained from the internet 3)...
4 English Language Arts, Science Christy Miller

Venn Diagram- Paleolithic and Neolithic

Students will use technology to create a visual representation of their understanding of the similarities and differences in Early Meopotamia...
6 Social Studies Chelsea Kurtz

Poetry Project

Students will use a variety of software, both web and platform based sources, to create a virtual poetry portfolio.
6 English Language Arts Chelsea Kurtz

The Water Cycle Photostory "Adventures of a Drop of Water"

Students will learn work together to create a fictional narrative about the Adventures of a Drop of Water through the water cycle. They will then...
6 English Language Arts, Science Chelsea Kurtz

Compare and Contrast

Rusticus volutpat quis. Esca typicus quibus iriure paulatim. Consectetuer uxor tego exputo tamen utrum nisl neque. Autem torqueo sino paratus laoreet...
3, 4 English Language Arts, Social Studies Clarity Innovations

The History of Computers

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut...
7, 8 English Language Arts, Fine Arts Clarity Innovations

This will blow your mind! Extreme Weather reports

Students will learn to research weather data bases and new stories about weather events. Identify 3 types of extreme weather -- too much or too...
6, 7, 8 Science, Social Studies Kathy Johnstone

Surface Area Nets

Students will learn how two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional objects can be used to visualize and solve problems such as those...
5 Mathematics Cory Gaub

Promethean & Everyday Math - Picturing Polygons (behalf Jane Marshall)

Students will: 1.) identify right angles in two-dimensional shapes and determine if angles are greater than or less than a right angle (obtuse and...
3 Mathematics Cory Gaub

3rd grade math centers with multiplication and place value

Students will practice multiplication skills by
3 Mathematics craftme