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Voicethread story problem

Students will learn to communicate their problem solving ideas and thoughts through the internet to other people.  This activity pushes the...
8 Mathematics Keith Kuhn

VoiceThread for Collaborative Revision

Students will learn...to critically analyze texts and effectively communicate ideas for revision using VoiceThread.
5 English Language Arts katielawyer

Vocabulary Review through Comic Life by Angela Coburn and David Wickham

Students will demonstrate their understanding of vocabulary words through telling a story with Comic Life.
3, 4, 5 English Language Arts Anonymous Visitor

Vocabulary Posters through Pages

Students will learn how to create a poster using Pages.  Students will copy a picture from the Internet into their Pages file as well as cite...
5 English Language Arts emilykemp

Vocabulary Photo Story

Students will learn important content vocabulary in English and Spanish by creating a Photo Story that incorporates language use, visual imagery, and...
8 English Language Arts, Social Studies marcappell

Vocabulary Lesson Using Story Kit

Students will learn their weekly vocabulary by using the Story Kit app. They will write a student friendly definition, use the word in a sentence by...
2 English Language Arts Carol Halvorson

Vocabulary Keynote

Students will create their own definition of the vocabulary words for the week. They will then put the word in a sentence and add an appropriate...
4 English Language Arts elizabethbroadbent

Vocabulary Keynote

Students will learn how to create a keynote slideshow. Students will define their vocabulary words. Students will add pictures to their keynote...
5 English Language Arts Crista Harter


Students will understand, learn, and use new vocabulary that is introduced and taught directly through informational text, literary text, and...
5, 6, 7, 8 English Language Arts Tiffany Jinings

Visual Speaking

Students will learn...to use visuals from digital sources to enhance a story, illustration, or example for delivering a speech.
7 English Language Arts jackgoodman