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Teaching the Order of Operations

Students will watch a power point explaining the order of operations using a gradual release of responsibility model. In a following lesson,...
6 Mathematics Linda Beardsley

Targeted Writing Skill Practice

Students will identify and fix mistakes in writing.
3 English Language Arts Amy Krebs

Tall Tales Story Mapping

Students will learn to create a story map in Kidspiratin for a tall tall that includes mapping out the differences between real and exergerated...
4 English Language Arts Christy Miller

Systems Review

Students will engage in an interactive review of systems of equations in teams. Students will reinforce their understanding of Solution, Infinite...
8 Mathematics Rob Arndt

Symmetry Lesson with Kidspiration

Students will use the technology software program Kidspiration to build and solve symmetrical designs with two dimensional shapes.
3 Mathematics Anonymous Visitor

Surface Area Nets

Students will learn how two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional objects can be used to visualize and solve problems such as those...
5 Mathematics Cory Gaub

Super Kid

Students will understand the concept of adjectives in relation to describing a person. Students will learn how to respectfully analyze the traits of...
3 English Language Arts traceystevens

Sunlight and Seasons

Students will use digital scientific probes, spreadsheet programs, and Internet websites to gather and interpret data and collaborate on global...
5 Science annegehrig

Sunlight and Seasons

Students will learn how photoperiods affect seasonal temperatures, how to use a spreadsheet to analyze data, how to locate cities throughout the...
5 Science shannonperry

Summarizing With Puppet Pals

Students will learn...how to summarize a story in correct sequential order.
5 English Language Arts Marit Baker