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Targeted Writing Skill Practice

Students will identify and fix mistakes in writing.
3 English Language Arts Amy Krebs

"My Future" Microsoft Publisher Brochure

Students will learn about how to use Microsoft Publisher software while also working on writing and composition skills. Students will become...
8 English Language Arts Alexander Merritt

Great Greeks with Animoto

Students will learn how to use Animoto to present information, as well as learning about a famous Greek person and their influence on today's...
6 English Language Arts, Social Studies allisoneitzen

QR Code Scavenger Hunt: The Medieval Manor

Students will learn about the various aspects of manor life in Medieval Europe, using the iPad to both research and create a product to show their...
6, 7 Social Studies allisoneitzen

Skitch the Changing Earth

Students will learn to annotate a picture of a land formation then describe the processes that took place to produce that land formation.
6 Science Amber Doremus

Story Retelling Using Ipads in Kindergarten

Students will learn... Students will learn the important components to retelling a story, such as a character, setting and main events.
K English Language Arts Amber Duncan

There It Is!! A Review Activity for Any Block/Chapter

Students will utilize CPS Clickers to show evidence of understanding review questions. Students will use a document camera to show problems they are...
7, 8 Mathematics amberwarren

Geometry Riddles

Students will learn to create a digital riddle using iMovie that will give at least 3 characteristics of one geometrical shape.
3 Mathematics andrearobertson

Angle Scavenger Hunt

Students will take pictures and create a slide presentation showing obtuse, acute and right angles.
3 Mathematics andrearobertson

Introduction to Variables and Algebraic Expressions

Through use of a smartboard students will be able to interact with the information and develop an understanding of variables and algebraic...
6 Mathematics Andrew Roundy