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Equations with Variable Review (Bingo Game)

Students will us a smartboard activity to demonstrate their knowledge of solving single step variable equations.
6 Mathematics Andrew Roundy

Experimental Probability

Students will learn about the concept of experimental probability and how to show that probability as a fraction, decimal, and percent. They will...
6 Mathematics Andrew Roundy

Scoring Practice in the Trait of IDEAS

Students will learn...The students will work with a partner to score the writing trait of "ideas" using Google Chromebooks
4 English Language Arts Andy Ausfahl

Blogging to Create a Community of Writers #2: Show Your True Colors

Students will learn to design their own blog space on the blogging site www.classpress.com. Students will learn to set their personal options for...
6 English Language Arts Angela Brewer

Springfield Podcasting Project: Daily Life of (Your City)

Students will create their own descriptive narrative sentences inspired by the sound effects and jingles in Garageband. Students will become...
6 English Language Arts Angela Brewer

Springfield Digital Storytelling Project #6: GRAPES Commercial (Edwards and Brewer)

Students will 1. Describe two elements of GRAPES 2. Condense full prose into brief titles, scripts, and slogan 3. Improve storytelling pacing 4....
6 English Language Arts, Social Studies Angela Brewer

Springfield Wiki Project: Literature Circles - About the Author

Students will: 1. Research the author of their literature circle book 2. Collaboratively write a summary of the author’s life experiences, previous...
6 English Language Arts Angela Brewer

Evaporation Inquiry

Students will learn that water evaporates and experience water as it travels through the water cycle. They will learn the water evaporates at...
5 Science angelajaros

Family Recipes

Students will learn...how to write a recipe and a narrative related to their recipe.
4, 5 English Language Arts angieramirez

A collaborative music project

Students will learn... How to work with a processing program to create and edit work. how to record and edit using audacity how to plan and...
4, 5 English Language Arts angieyon