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8th Grade Science ~ Volcano Research Project

Students will learn...how to use PowerPoint or Keynote for presentation of research.
8 Science angie_ortiz-mcneese

iMovie Project ~ Renewable & Non-Renewable Resources

Students will create a concept map or renewable and non-renewable resoources. Students will analyze the effects of their resource. Create an...
8 Science angie_ortiz-mcneese

Sunlight and Seasons

Students will use digital scientific probes, spreadsheet programs, and Internet websites to gather and interpret data and collaborate on global...
5 Science annegehrig

Bat 6

Students will: -- use teacher-made Inspiration file to access background information as they read Bat 6 by Virginia Euwer Wolff. --identify...
5 English Language Arts annegehrig

Planetary Brochures

Students will research a planet, comparing and contrasting it to Earth. After learning about its rotation, revolution, temperature, and other...
5 English Language Arts, Science annegehrig

Student News and Weather Channel

Students will learn how to use technology to gather and record weather data, prepare and present reports on classroom events
5 English Language Arts, Science annegehrig

Eradicating Errors

Students will learn to identify independent clauses and sentence patterns in their writing in order to successfully edit their essays. This will...
9, 10, 11, 12 English Language Arts Becky Beeler

Vikings Build an App

Students will organize their prior knowledge of Vikings into categories. Students will write factual information about Vikings from the point of view...
6, 7 English Language Arts, Social Studies Beth Downs

Teaching the Order of Operations

Students will watch a power point explaining the order of operations using a gradual release of responsibility model. In a following lesson,...
6 Mathematics Linda Beardsley

Jumping Jacks Rate

The students will watch a video of a teacher doing jumping jacks at variable speeds, record data in a table, excel will create a graph and the...
5, 6 Mathematics Linda Beardsley