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Median, Mode and Range with Kidspiration

Students will learn to apply their knowledge of Mode, Median, and Range with student generated data using Kidspiration. This can also be done using a...
4 Mathematics Becky Rodli

Water Cycle

Students will learn... Objectives:            Students will evaluate five PowerPoint...
3, 4 Science beverlylewis

Researching Marine Life: Reading and Writing in a content area, science

Students will learn to navigate through online research sites to learn about specific marine creatures. Students will take relevant notes on index...
4, 5 Science beverlylewis

Podcast Spelling Test

Students will learn to self administer their spelling test each week, including correcting, navigating a podcast on their laptops.
4 English Language Arts beverlylewis

Haiku with PicLIts and/or Kid photography

Students will write Haiku using either a picture from PicLits, or a photograph that they have taken, or both
4 English Language Arts beverlylewis

Language Arts Weekly Packet: Treasures, Grade Four

Students will use practice pages from core literacy curriculum to practice and demonstrate learning of various grammatical skills
4 English Language Arts beverlylewis

Measuring perimeter Banquet Table problem By Katie Knobel and Barb Hutchins

Students will learn that the area can be the same even when the perimeter is different.
4 Mathematics Barb hutchins

Lewis and Clark language/vocabulary

Students will use inspiration template to explore the meanings of words related to Lewis and Clark Expedition. Understanding will include a...
4 English Language Arts, Social Studies Barb hutchins

Daily Time Ratios

Students will gather, organize and record data into a chart. Students will use data to create ratios and calculate percents. Students will use...
7 Mathematics Debbie Brudevold

Microbe Keynote

Students will take pictures of petri dishes with iPad of growing molds
5 Science Charles Actor