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Blogging to Create a Community of Writers #7: Our Curious Cast of Characters

Students will learn... to participate effectively in an online community of writers to participate appropriately in a blog to use...
6 English Language Arts kelleyedwards

Blogging to Create a Community of Writers: #8 Persuasive Writing Blog and Podcast Assignment

Students will learn to create a persuasive podcast. Students will have written the persuasive speech and record it on garage band. The emphasis will...
6 English Language Arts kwoodward


Students will use technology to create a word document explaining what they learned during the BMX Math project. Students will use Sketchup 7 to...
7 Mathematics Dolly Beeler

Boiling and Freezing Points of Water

Students will be able to use a LabQuest and temperature probe to collect and graph temperature data. Students will be able to read and analyze a...
6 Science Marie Burns

Book Talk Movies with iPads

Students will learn how to create a slideshow movie on a chapter book.
5 English Language Arts Barbara Stock

Book Trailors/Sneak Peeks

Students will create a video preview of a book's story elements that they have read.
5, 6, 7 English Language Arts Magda Romero

Brainstorming and Creating a Graphic Organizer Using Kidspiration: How Animals Respond To Winter Ecology In Crater Lake

Students will learn... Anticipatory Set: Students have recently returned from a field trip to Crater Lake where they have learned and applied in...
4 English Language Arts, Science marydixon

Building and Expanding Patterns

Students will learn to generate a number or shape pattern that follows a given rule. Students will learn to identify apparent features of the...
4 Mathematics teresathurman

Building Comprehension through Keynote

Students will read to understand a non-fiction selection such as Spirit of Endurance--The Ernest Shackleton Story.  Students will identify main...
5 English Language Arts emilykemp

Building My Dream House...

The students will use spreadsheet to calculate measurements for scale drawings. The students will use Google sketch-up to draw a scale model of...
7 Mathematics Dolly Beeler