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Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies

Students will research, write and present a brief informational talk about a breed of rabbit using the computer and SMART board.
4 English Language Arts, Science margeeobrien

Caribbean Adventures

Students will learn to use a WebQuest in order to create travel brochures about Caribbean islands.
7 Career & Technical Education, English Language Arts rosasangiovanni

Character Development in Writing

Students will compare and contrast two or more characters drawing on specific details in the text by creating and writing characters into a story...
5 English Language Arts Thomas Wheeler

Children's Book

Students will use the program pages to produce the final draft copy of their children's picture book. They will learn to use the program pages.
5 English Language Arts Heather Casey

Children's Book

Students will use the program Pages to produce the final draft copy of their children's picture books.
6 English Language Arts Susan Pinster

Children's Books

Students will use laptops, Pages, document camera, and projector to create and present their Children's Book Project.
5 English Language Arts shellybascue

Children's Picture Books

Students will learn...how to use the program pages.  They will also learn how to access the pubic folder and find the children's book...
5 English Language Arts heathercasey

Classifying Triangles Based on Properties of Angles

Students will use Smartboard technology in an exploration of classification of two-dimensional shapes. Students will create and discuss rules for...
5 Mathematics Les Willett

Coca-Cola Building Projection (Surface Area)

Students will learn to solve real-world problems involving surface area of a rectangular prism.
7 Mathematics James Puopolo

Collaborative Biome Research and Wiki Presentation

Students will use iPads to research biomes of the Oregon Coast, prior to hands on experience at Science Outdoor School. They will take notes...
4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Career & Technical Education, Science Erica Stover