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Area and Perimeter Floor Plan

Students will learn to calculate perimeter and area. ...
6 Mathematics carynwise

Creating Research-Based Alphabet Books

Students will learn how to search and locate information on the internet on their topics while conducting short research projects for aspects of said...
5 English Language Arts Casey Gaard

United States PowerPoint Research and Presentations

Students will learn... 1. How to search the internet for information, take notes and cite sources. 2. How to create a PowerPoint presentation. 3....
5, 6 Career & Technical Education, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies cathleenhawken

Formative Assessment for Solving Multi-Digit Subtraction Problems using an Interactive Whiteboad

Students will demonstrate how to solve a multi-digit subtraction problem and explain their process through a voice recording.
2 Mathematics Cheri Gamache

Vocabulary Lesson Using Story Kit

Students will learn their weekly vocabulary by using the Story Kit app. They will write a student friendly definition, use the word in a sentence by...
2 English Language Arts Carol Halvorson

Improving Writing Through Sensory Words Using Inspiration: Part 2

Students will identify and organize strong sensory vocabulary (“juicy” words) from children literature in pairs. They will also develop a...
3 English Language Arts chelseamabie

Analyzing Verb Use Thorugh Guided Wordle: Part 2

Students will analyze their writing to see what word choice they are currently using, and ways to improve their writing by using synonyms for overly...
3 English Language Arts chelseamabie

Practicing Transition Words Through Google Doc

Students will apply their knowledge of transitions words in a collaborative format by creating a transition story via Google Doc.
3 English Language Arts chelseamabie

Planet Powerpoint

Students will learn... 1) research a planet using the internet 2) fill in a 4 square model using the information obtained from the internet 3)...
4 English Language Arts, Science Christy Miller

Tall Tales Story Mapping

Students will learn to create a story map in Kidspiratin for a tall tall that includes mapping out the differences between real and exergerated...
4 English Language Arts Christy Miller