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Constellation Stories / Greek Mythology

Students will learn... The elements of Greek mythology. How to use PhotoStory to create a movie of a constellation myth that they write in...
7 English Language Arts Lisa Stroup

Create a Food Chain using Google Draw

Students will be able to... Define and describe the term “food chain.” Create a food chain from a specific ecosystem, with one producer, and at least...
5 Science Jennifer Scypinski

Create a vocabulary slideshow on Educreations

Students will learn the meanings of new words by making a slideshow in Educreations that incorporates the typing of meanings, illustrations and...
4 English Language Arts Keri Radcliffe

Creating a Digital Book Preview

Students will learn to identify the mood, characters, setting, and conflict in a novel and communicate these by creating a book preview.
5 English Language Arts karinkayfes

Creating a PowerPoint presentation for Measures of Central Tendency

Students will explore measures of central tendency by creating and viewing PowerPoint presentations.
8 Mathematics debradunbar

Creating Research-Based Alphabet Books

Students will learn how to search and locate information on the internet on their topics while conducting short research projects for aspects of said...
5 English Language Arts Casey Gaard

Creative Ways to Use an App with Beginning Sounds and Beyond

Students will learn how to create a farm scene to help them with story telling. As a group we reviewed question words to assist with telling a story...
K, 1 English Language Arts Sheri LeDrew

Daily Time Ratios

Students will gather, organize and record data into a chart. Students will use data to create ratios and calculate percents. Students will use...
7 Mathematics Debbie Brudevold

Data Set Display Research Project and Presentation

Students will perform research to determine real life application and uses for data displays, and display their findings through a PowerPoint...
8 Mathematics Rob Arndt

Descriptive Paper: An Animal's Actions

Students will complete the writing process (brainstorming, gather and organize details, first draft, and a second draft) to complete an essay...
6 English Language Arts Kolleen Bennett