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16 13 4,560 How are you dealing with students that have limited or no internet/technology access outside of the school day?
10 5 1,686 What multiplayer activities with iPads or apps are you using?
10 4 1,571 How do instructional methods with mobile devices differ from desktop and laptop instructional methods?
10 3 1,463 How do you demonstrate the effective use of mobile devices through out a lesson?
9 10 3,188 iPads or Chromebooks
8 6 3,449 What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Chrome Books in the classroom?
8 11 9,795 What is the best way to manage an itunes account for multiple ipads?
6 8 2,111 Where could I find resources to address cyberbullying wiith students?
6 9 2,766 What if we can use badges/pins for showing proficiency -like girl/boy scouts or gaming....what would be something a HS student would want for a pin? Maybe school wide pins for graduation?
6 3 3,358 How do I sync a classroom set of iPads?
5 5 1,426 What is the best way for my students to share/turn-in work created on their iPads so that I may assess it and return?
5 1 978 What is the best way to share class sets of iPads within a building, in regards to saving work on the device?
5 6 1,679 Where is funding coming from, now that grants are over?
4 7 1,764 I have 5 iPads. What is fair share?
4 7 2,092 What are some classroom management strategies for mobile devices that you use?
4 5 4,304 What's the best way to push out apps to iPads?
4 8 2,094 What are some of the best covers to use with the iPad?
4 3 1,233 Sharing a great resource for Digital Literacy Curriculm
4 4 1,573 How is it using Google APPS with IPADS?
4 3 1,430 Which tablets are the most Google Apps friendly?
4 1 1,056 What are some creative ways that people are getting funding?
4 1 1,062 What classroom structure do you need for successful BYOD?
3 7 1,763 Is there a need for an endorsement in Instructional Technology?
3 2 1,122 Is anyone using a LMS to create and house shared curriculum maps?
3 5 2,039 How do I connect to a data projector?
3 3 1,212 How do I teach kids to self advocate for technology after they leave my classroom?
3 2 1,035 If you are already incorporating mobile technology into your teaching, how often do you do it? For a certain project? As a workstation? Is there a go to app that is essential for any mobile device lesson?
3 2 1,058 PC to IPAD. Any suggestions for making this transition easier?
3 2 1,078 We are bombarded with ed apps, technology, and the push to have our students learn to code... Are there teachers, and teacher resources out there to learn to code and develope games and apps?
3 4 1,484 How are other districts educating students about being responsible users of the Internet and is this a priority in your district?
3 4 1,439 Should I use private email or school email when signing/login come up?
3 4 1,485 Does your school have adequate broadband access to support instruction and testing?
3 1 1,694 Does My Big Campus have badges like Edmodo?
3 1 887 Are there good apps specific to autistic children?
3 2 1,227 How can I get technology for my classroom?
3 1 837 What is the Digital Learning Collaborative and why should I care?
2 1 977 How to use a Chromebook to get QR Codes working
2 6 1,966 What's the best stylus for tablets?
2 1 856 What is the best prep that new teachers should have in Ed Tech when in teacher prep programs?
2 4 1,412 What is your district doing to teach digital literacy? Who is teaching it? Is it tied to other curriculum?
2 2 1,099 Is there an inexpensive way to Sync multiple iPods
2 2 1,000 What are some of the foundational practices that should exist in schools and classrooms before iPads are deployed?
2 2 1,163 iPad - Preparing Devices for Next Year
2 3 3,312 How do students use Edmodo to do their homework? Pages?
2 1 997 Chromebook sites that highlight new apps from the Web Store
2 2 1,099 Should our district use configurator or iTunes to manage a massive deployment of iPads? Pros/cons to each?
2 2 1,051 What learning management systems are being used in your districts?
2 1 855 How do I create a local Digital Learning Collaborative group to discuss local issues?
2 1 944 Policy and process for contributions of used smart devices to a school
2 1 1,132 How would you go about setting up Badges to create a Mobile Learning environment to bring back to my district?