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0 0 520 Does anyone have a recommendation for an iPad keyboard?
0 1 603 Google Training support for Staff
0 1 760 What have you found to be the best apps to use in conjunction with 3D printers, and what have been your most rewarding projects in using a 3D printer? We have a MakerBot printer and we are still experimenting with best practices in full implementation.
0 1 570 How can I maximize students time on Chromebooks (limited number available)
0 1 547 I have 8 ipad minis so students work in groups of 4. What strategies are used to eliminate one student from using the device exclusively?
0 1 525 How many app licenses do we need to run a class set of iPads?
0 2 562 How are schools/teachers dealing with parents that do not want their kids to have any screen time during school hours?
0 3 725 How can an under-privileged, rural school like ours hope to keep our students engaged in the latest digital technology when things change so rapidly and cost so much?
0 0 468 Is anyone else using eSpark as a platform for reading and math differentiation?
1 2 606 Looking for the best extensions for a Chromebook to help with teaching in the high school classroom.
0 1 564 With 1:1 Technology in the classroom how have others monitored students behavior without looking over their shoulders constantly?
0 1 496 Besides Prezi, what other presentation software is available for 3rd-5th graders to use to create presentations to share with peers?
0 1 569 What are some ways to streamline the checking in and out of ipads at the high school level?
0 1 528 How are you managing log-in information with students?
0 1 558 High School Blog
-1 1 611 Is anyone else using Casper's MDM to manage their iPads?
0 4 1,027 Reflector or Apple TV
0 1 672 In addition to using iPads for group projects, does anyone have other innovative ways to use a limited number of iPads with ever growing class sizes?
0 1 619 Does anyone have any specific recommendations for apps that are great for special education students, specifically in regard to reading?
0 1 1,473 What are the advantages and disadvantages to using either Google Drive or Edmodo to post and collect assignments?
-2 1 571 Should you use. your mobile devices for the OAKS test?
0 2 733 Printing with Chrome Books
0 1 522 Student engagement strategies with Technology
0 1 584 Chromebook to VGA?
2 1 991 What is the best prep that new teachers should have in Ed Tech when in teacher prep programs?
2 1 1,106 How to use a Chromebook to get QR Codes working
0 1 1,045 How are others using Synergy to do proficiency/standards grading?
0 2 696 How are you building awareness about mobile learning and device distribution with administrators?
1 1 622 Employee Laptops and Damages
1 1 567 What are public schools doing or planning for 1:1 tech?
1 1 552 How do students feel about devices in School?
0 2 681 Has anyone worked with the Smart board app for the ipad?
0 0 457 Nexus vs iPad
1 3 748 What are your top 3-5 mobile learning tips, apps, and tricks?
9 10 3,620 iPads or Chromebooks
0 1 595 What are the CONS to using google chrome?
0 0 419 Smart Response Bridgit Conferencing Software
1 1 629 Does anyone have experience using the script FormMule?
2 1 1,108 Chromebook sites that highlight new apps from the Web Store
2 2 1,295 iPad - Preparing Devices for Next Year
-2 10 1,809 Do you think a school district should require a laptop user fee for staff?
3 2 1,208 We are bombarded with ed apps, technology, and the push to have our students learn to code... Are there teachers, and teacher resources out there to learn to code and develope games and apps?
1 1 556 Are we becoming App dependent?
1 2 720 Adding audio to a PDF
-2 1 544 I need a free windows online video maker.
0 1 1,035 iPad Apps for 7th and 8th Grade Students
2 6 2,235 What's the best stylus for tablets?
-1 1 583 Help with ideas to encourage elementary teachers to incorporate iPads into their curriculum & their "time frame" for completing a book within the school year!
1 1 578 What are some grants that are available for 1:1 devices?
1 3 832 What are available sites to teach internet safety using iPads that do not support Adobe Flash?