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1 1 483 How are other districts managing student information with regards to outside vendors?
1 2 547 Who sets up the account? The techs or the end user?
1 1 503 How do I manage Apple IDs for my devices?
1 2 553 My office manager sent me a code for an app. What do I do to redeem that?
1 1 521 What is the best way to asset tag these things?
1 1 455 Can you set up a Digital Learning Collaborative with students?
1 1 527 What are some grants that are available for 1:1 devices?
1 2 538 What are the best practices for going exclusively "cloud" (workflows)
1 2 659 Samsung vs Acer Chrome book?
1 2 603 What's the bigger question: How do we improve teaching? Or, How do we improve learning?
1 1 451 What's your best ideas to help teachers with iPad accountability problems with the students?
1 1 522 Video filming integration
1 1 486 How do I change a document to an editable document on my iPad?
1 2 584 Are you using scratch from MIT in your class? How are you using it?
1 2 598 How do you use and manage iPods in Kindergarten?
1 4 834 How can my school implement a badge system to reward/recognize student achievement?
1 1 599 What does a school have to do to be CIPA, FERPA, and COPPA compliant?
1 1 486 Is buying a wireless keyboard necessary?
0 1 509 How can I maximize students time on Chromebooks (limited number available)
0 1 951 How are others using Synergy to do proficiency/standards grading?
0 1 670 What have you found to be the best apps to use in conjunction with 3D printers, and what have been your most rewarding projects in using a 3D printer? We have a MakerBot printer and we are still experimenting with best practices in full implementation.
0 1 539 Google Training support for Staff
0 1 572 Does anyone have any specific recommendations for apps that are great for special education students, specifically in regard to reading?
0 1 492 OpenClass LMS
0 1 506 High School Blog
0 1 467 How are you managing log-in information with students?
0 1 505 What are some ways to streamline the checking in and out of ipads at the high school level?
0 2 491 How are schools/teachers dealing with parents that do not want their kids to have any screen time during school hours?
0 3 621 How can an under-privileged, rural school like ours hope to keep our students engaged in the latest digital technology when things change so rapidly and cost so much?
0 1 491 I have 8 ipad minis so students work in groups of 4. What strategies are used to eliminate one student from using the device exclusively?
0 1 464 How many app licenses do we need to run a class set of iPads?
0 1 503 With 1:1 Technology in the classroom how have others monitored students behavior without looking over their shoulders constantly?
0 1 446 Besides Prezi, what other presentation software is available for 3rd-5th graders to use to create presentations to share with peers?
0 4 905 Reflector or Apple TV
0 1 1,291 What are the advantages and disadvantages to using either Google Drive or Edmodo to post and collect assignments?
0 1 603 In addition to using iPads for group projects, does anyone have other innovative ways to use a limited number of iPads with ever growing class sizes?
0 2 669 Printing with Chrome Books
0 3 5,159 Issues between Apple and other vendors in connecting wirelessly?
0 2 616 How are you building awareness about mobile learning and device distribution with administrators?
0 1 520 Chromebook to VGA?
0 1 472 Student engagement strategies with Technology
0 2 613 Has anyone worked with the Smart board app for the ipad?
0 2 574 Why tablets rather than netbooks or laptops?
0 4 766 What is the best mobile video conferencing tool that's cross platform inexpensive (free) and provides good video conferencing?
0 1 450 How can I track my own successes & failures in order to change my instructional practice? (action research help)
0 1 552 What are the CONS to using google chrome?
0 2 616 What are some strategies for preventing loss or theft of iPads?
0 1 753 Is anyone using Android tablets (Nexus 7) in the classroom for teaching? Instruction, assignments, assignment collection and/or assessment tool?
0 2 652 What are some of the ways to manage iPads in terms of assets/inventory, etc.?
0 1 984 iPad Apps for 7th and 8th Grade Students