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Participation Recognition

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Links for the One Shot/Paper Slide Videos

Resource with background

Samples of a few paper slide videos my students have made


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My Story

Tell about your experience in the Montana Cadre.  Joys, frustrations, learning and most importantly how have you grown as a teacher and how will that be affect your classroom?

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iPads Popplet Lite App

3rd Grade students using iPads (Popplet Lite App) to create story maps.

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iPads and Reading Comprehension


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Your choice is to complete and practice your SOS.
Do as much as you have of your SOS presentation.
Complete the questions below and post as a comment.


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CPS Training Handout

The handout for my CPS training can be downloaded from my page at or linked here.

Feel free to copy and distribute as you like.

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Look through the choices and select one from each time slot.
Spreadsheet View

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Tech Tools & Standards

Big Picture 

Effectively integrating technology standards with content standard 



  • Compare classroom tech standards instruction.
  • Create a Sonicpic lesson story.
  • Collect resources.
  • Share next lesson. 



May need to download Prezi Viewer if on iPad/iTouch




Technology Standards

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Type® and Communication

  • —Experience the communication differences of the 8 MBTI preferences
  • ——Identify verbal & non-verbal cues to each of the 8 MBTI preferences
  • ——Practice flexing your type style to meet the communication needs of others
  • ——Examine the influence of type on email communication
  • ——Analyze your team’s type table
  • ——Commit to specific behavioral changes to optimize team communication

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Daisy Carlsmith's Application Project: QR code scavenger hunt video

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Daisy Carlsmith's Slide Show

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The Brain and Images

Ian Jukes talks about the brain in this video on Understanding the Digital Generation.  
Specifically scroll to minute 4:20 to hear the statistics on visual images and the brain.


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Using the tool take a moment and share your favorite tool from the last two days, one you can't wait to try in your job or classroom.


Use room number 9698