The cadre is a partnership between OPI and OETC, to improve the practice of effective professional development with technology. To learn of our goals and purpose, read here.

Recent Group Activity

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Tech in the Wild

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Web Mail and Browser

This website is a great solution for parents who are leary about their child getting on the internet or using email.  The download works over IE and has great potential.  Will appeal to the K - 6 crowd.

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My first Glogster

I love Gloster. It'd be a great way to create book reports.

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 Essential question:

How can I provide a format for students to evaluate/find books they want to read? Read more »

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My essential question

Do students master basic; word processing, spreadsheet, presetation and video editing skills if they do not submit any or at least very limited numbers of hard copies?

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Learning at the Cadre

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Differentiating Instruction

To use the links within this webspiration doc, you need to have a free account. The links lead to activities, surveys, videos and further research.

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My Essential Question is....

Does the use of storytelling help form a bridge and/or connection to your culture and other cultures?

*****Develop and model cultural understanding and global awareness by engaging with colleagues and students of other cultures using digital-age communication and collaboration tools.

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PLC 2: Blooms: Social Media

Going deeper with our social media tools. 

Essential Questions:  

  1. Is this tool valuable for my personal professional development?
  2. Does this tool provide the social features to meet my needs of improving my craft?
  3. What are the drawbacks to this tool?
  4. Is this tool appropriate to use with students?

  Read more »

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Things I have learned at Cadre--Web 2.0 tools