The cadre is a partnership between OPI and OETC, to improve the practice of effective professional development with technology. To learn of our goals and purpose, read here.

Recent Group Activity

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Integrate Technology Into Writing

We will be using a GoogleSite for our content and information on Writing.


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Google Search Stories

QR Code Application

Remember the QR Code Scavenger Hunt we had in September?  Of course you do! Take a look at how this class is applying them at their school.

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Scavenger Hunt Videos

We have capture our experience.

Reflect on this experience, what Technology Standards for Students did this meet? Comment below.

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Opening Activity

Review the purpose of the Montana Cadre.

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Fall Cadre 1.0 Training

Event Date: 
Tuesday, 21 September 2010 - 11:00am
MSU Billings
Student Union, Louis and Clark (behind fireplace lounge)
1500 University Dr
Billings 59101

Kick off meeting for the Montana EdTech Professional Development Cadre.

The cadre is a partnership betwwen OETC and OPI. Read more »

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Winter Cadre 1.0 Training

Event Date: 
Tuesday, 30 November 2010 - 11:00am
Bozeman Hilton Garden Inn
2023 Commerce Way
Bozeman, 59715
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Digital Video Project

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NETS Photo Project

  1. Write a unique phrase that identifies your performance indicator.  Limit your phrase to just a few key words.
  2. Create an image, saved as a jpg, composed of several images grouped together, to spell out you phrase. Save this on one computer for display


CHALLENGE: Upload this image to the blog at (directions and handout provided)

Notes to create the image

  • Use a digital camera to take a photo of something that looks like a letter
  • Download the images off your digital camera onto computer
  • Insert the image onto a blank Powerpoint slide
  • Crop the image as necessary
  • Repeat steps “c” and “d” until all letters are on one powerpoint slide
  • Resize and position individual images on powerpoint slide to form phrase
  • Select all images, right click, and group
  • Right  click on the group and “Save As Picture” (be sure to use jpg)

Note:  Idea originates from website: 

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Tools I Use

Some tools I use in staff development.

Free Widget for Mac:

Purchased Timer (Mac of PC):

Spotlight Tool

 Random Ticket or Name Drawing


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