The cadre is a partnership between OPI and OETC, to improve the practice of effective professional development with technology. To learn of our goals and purpose, read here.

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Cafe Style Professional Development ISTE Article

ISTE's Learning&Leading with Technology magazine asked to feature our cadre(s).  I learned a valuable lesson in writing this article.... always retain authorship rights to your own writing.  I of course learned by mistake, I did not retain rights, and so the article I wrote did not appear in it's original form.  Fortunately the point is left... we have a great professional development model and each and everyone of you have gone into making that a reality!  Thank you.

Take a free look through December at the Cafe Style Staff Development article online. Kudos to Brooks and Dean, Joe Buglione and Reta Cochrane.

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What is Web 2.0? Wordle


Images of Wordles are licensed Creative Commons License

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Where is Jennifer?

iPhone GPS Tracking... GPS tracking powered by


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Group #3: EDITT Education Improvement Through Techn

Goal: To improve student scores through the use of technology.

More teachers use tech in the classroom, attend afterschool training, share ideas, etc.

One difficulty was the underuse of the mentors; they reconfigured how the mentors operated and it has been much better.

They also have an "infusion" specialist who goes to each school once a week. During the day, he helps out in classrooms; after school he does trainings (anyone can attend).

Second year they have integrated the Intel TTTF program (just started this).

Really need more than a year to be comfortable being a mentor. One other item--some districts paid their teachers, some didn't.

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Group #4: NOCENTC; Group #5: NE-TEC

NE-TEC Grant

Goals: Increase student acievement through technology integration.

Four PD Phases:
*Summer Outreach (two days) for integration specialists
*Regional Outreach at school sites. Teachers model classroom tech use.
*Onsite Outreach--partners visit schools to see what teachers need and train them on what they want/need
*Online Outreach--networking component for participants (Microsoft LiveMeeting, listservs, email, website sharing)

They also use Classroom Performance System for tracking classroom assessments and data.

Great resources:
High Plains Regional Tech Consortium
TechWorks Curriculum

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Big Sky

G o o d Morning Montana! Oh what a beautiful day we are experiencing. Sun, sun and more sun. Oregonians love this stuff especially in the fall.

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Wireless Issues

Wow, this afternoon was hectic...lots of problems getting people's Windows wireless connections up and running. Macs, no problem!

Connecting Wireless
1. Look for the button on your computer to turn on the wireless
2. Check the settings in Internet Explorer and turn off any proxy settings (**be sure to turn them back on when you return to school or you won't be able to connect to the interent!)

See if the wireless works. If not...

If you are running Windows XP:
1. Right click on the wireless icon in your task bar (if you are not sure which icon, it looks like two computers with a little red x--just hover your mouse over it and wait for it's name to show up)
2. Select View Available Networks
3. Select the network that you want to use
4. Check the little box that says "allow connection" or something to that effect.

If you are running Windows 98:
1. Open the Control Panels and open the Wireless Network control panel
2. Create a new profile--click edit profile and enter the name of the wireless network in both the profile name and the Network name.
3. Click OK
4. To check for your wireless connection, go to your Network Connections (Start Menu/Settings...) and right click on the local area connection; select Properties. This will show you the rate at which you are connected.

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Group #2-EMTEC

Eastern Montana Technology Education Consortium

Goal: Intel TTTF implementation to improve tech skills of teachers and students.

Main Strength: Due to the distances between schools, the ability to get together has been a great thing!

Intel Training Project

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Group #6: Technology Integrated Classrooms that Opt

Goal: Provide a model classroom environment for integrating technology.

Trainings occur in the model classrooms (mostly on Saturdays). Generally there is a practice day that is set up for a couple of weeks after the training so people can come back and get help.

Using a variety of software/hardware: MS Office, Dreamweaver, Inspiration, Smartboard, Fireworks, Synchroneyes,...

Student projects: lampshades, lightswitch plates
TechCamp in the summer for teachers to prep them for the next school year.
TechNight: kind of like a science fair...almost all teachers participate.

Technology Integrated Classrooms that Optimize Curriculum

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