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Group #6: Technology Integrated Classrooms that Opt

Goal: Provide a model classroom environment for integrating technology.

Trainings occur in the model classrooms (mostly on Saturdays). Generally there is a practice day that is set up for a couple of weeks after the training so people can come back and get help.

Using a variety of software/hardware: MS Office, Dreamweaver, Inspiration, Smartboard, Fireworks, Synchroneyes,...

Student projects: lampshades, lightswitch plates
TechCamp in the summer for teachers to prep them for the next school year.
TechNight: kind of like a science fair...almost all teachers participate.

Technology Integrated Classrooms that Optimize Curriculum

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    University techies

    I think it is great to hear about what others are doing! I will take ideas back to my university and hopefully change will this decade!

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    Add your blog tips here please

    What are your favorite blog tips for new users?

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    Education ideas for blogs

    I think that I could use blogs for the kids to write their original work, and then everyone can respond to it in a nonthreatening manner.

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    My First use of Blog

    My first use of a blog will be to use it as a communication tool for teachers who are in schools involved in the group.

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    Blog This!

    Welcome Montana Cadre! This is our very own blog! Check out this link for our

    November Agenda.

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    Foreign Language Practice

    Blogging!!!!! Hmmmm Maybe blogging could be used to connect two schools in two different countries. The world is becoming smaller everyday and with the comunication we have today, I think it would be cool to connect two schools that speak different languages. It would be a great way to practice learning a foreign language. Maybe by typing to a student in another country kids would take a great interest in the practical side of speaking and writing another language. Kan du hav it godt, jeg hop den kan forstove hvis jeg se. COOL

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    Blog Uses in the Classroom

    As a second grade teacher, I can see many uses for blogging. I do a morning message each morning on large chart paper. I could start doing my morning message through blogging and then display it on the Smart Board. Then my students could blog back to me.
    I also think it would be a great way to reflect on the day. Especially with behavior! My students and I could blog on how well we thought the day went.
    I am in a small school, where there's only of one or less than one of each grade level. Finding a grade level blog would be great for exchanging ideas with other 2nd grade teachers.

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    Brainstorming Classroom Blogs

    -Creating student FAQ's for frustrations with particular classroom projects
    -Posting ideas of integrating technology in the classroom
    -Journaling about success and failure in the use of technology
    -Sharing ideas for classroom projects for the "Jason Project"
    -Creating an "ask the expert" environment between elementary students and high school students
    -Posting ideas on the use of the "smart board and synchroneyes software in the classroom"

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