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University techies

I think it is great to hear about what others are doing! I will take ideas back to my university and hopefully change will this decade!

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Add your blog tips here please

What are your favorite blog tips for new users?

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Education ideas for blogs

I think that I could use blogs for the kids to write their original work, and then everyone can respond to it in a nonthreatening manner.

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My First use of Blog

My first use of a blog will be to use it as a communication tool for teachers who are in schools involved in the group.

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Blog This!

Welcome Montana Cadre! This is our very own blog! Check out this link for our

November Agenda.

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Group #1: CHILD: Computers Helping Individual Learn

Year 1: Mentor teachers in a safe atmosphere; learned productivity tools (MS Office)
Year 2: Using Intel Teach to the Future to integrate into the classroom.

Professional Dev't: Pay teachers to go through Intel TTTF program; bring in outside presenters as needed

Basic skills are really important to have prior to integration.

More information (PDF)

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Blog Uses in the Classroom

As a second grade teacher, I can see many uses for blogging. I do a morning message each morning on large chart paper. I could start doing my morning message through blogging and then display it on the Smart Board. Then my students could blog back to me.
I also think it would be a great way to reflect on the day. Especially with behavior! My students and I could blog on how well we thought the day went.
I am in a small school, where there's only of one or less than one of each grade level. Finding a grade level blog would be great for exchanging ideas with other 2nd grade teachers.

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Brainstorming Classroom Blogs

-Creating student FAQ's for frustrations with particular classroom projects
-Posting ideas of integrating technology in the classroom
-Journaling about success and failure in the use of technology
-Sharing ideas for classroom projects for the "Jason Project"
-Creating an "ask the expert" environment between elementary students and high school students
-Posting ideas on the use of the "smart board and synchroneyes software in the classroom"

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Ed ideas for Blogs

Students could use a blog for trouble shooting technical problems, or one could present a problem and then others could share solutions.

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