Staff Development Strategies

Share Fair

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Create a digital or paper poster to share your areas of interest and expertise.


Creating commonalities, interests and sharing is an essential part of communication and collaboration. Use this get to know you strategy that taps into our creativity.

Participants/students create a paper colorful poster using paper and pens or infographic tools.


  1. Provide supplies and online tools.
  2. Give a choice to create the poster using tactile colored pens and paper or on electronic tool such as infographics.
  3. Participants have 20-60 minutes to create, depending on your agenda.
  4. You can use any Poster components. Some examples:
    • ​​Your favorite class activities you do EVERY year, 
    • The people and places you love to learn from and 
    • Your favorite apps. 
  5. Once posters are created, allow for sharing.  Either break the group into teams of three-five, or if it is a get to know you classroom activity, spread the sharing out over the course of a week. Each person has two minutes to share, while showing their poster or electronic infographic.
  6. Post the posters around the room or put them in a blog post.


Optional Tools

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