EdTech Summer Camp & EdTech Summer Texts

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EdTech Summer Camp
Summer camp is about having fun, trying new things and connecting with friends. That’s what EdTech Summer Camp is about too! This camp is an introductory virtual playtime that allows you to explore some great tools you can use in your classroom. Through a series of creative challenges, you will build your own knowledge and skill in using technology to create and share. Join us for a summer learning adventure!  Follow the link above for more information. Formal registration is only for Portland Public Schools employees, but anyone can do the challenges on their own and count it as continuing hours.

EdTech Summer Texts
Continue your learning this summer! Join this group and receive a weekly text with a teaching and technology tip. To receive SMS text messages, text @ppstechtexts to 23559. You may also visit http://bit.ly/edtechsummertexts to join @ppstechtexts and sign up for Celly.  For more detailed directions, follow this link