The cadre is a partnership between ODE and OETC, to improve the practice of effective professional development with technology. To learn of our goals and purpose, read here.

Recent Group Activity

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NETS 4 Teachers Reflection

This is NETS for Teachers 4 and 5.
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Resource: Cadre Project Planning Form

Use this form to help as you design your essential question.

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Tool: Chimoo Timer

This is the timer that was used during the first session. It is free and available for Macintosh computers.

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Tool: Cool Timer

This timer is similar to the one that was used during the first session. It is free and available for Windows computers.

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PBL Seven Theme Posters

Below are links to each of the Glogster posters. The parenthetical descriptions were the topics that were on the survey from last May and provide some information about the theme, although themes are not limited to these descriptors.

Digital Storytelling (Movie making/film techniques, multimedia)

21st Century Learner (ORVSD, ePortfolios, Essential Skills, Computer Ethics and Cyber Bullying)

Virtual Manipulatives in Math and Science (Interactive manipulatives, visuals)

21st Century Tools (Clickers, cell phones, interactive whiteboards/slates, advocating for technology in your organization)

Communication (Social collaboration, blogging, writing instruction)

Instructional Strategies (Differentiation, student engagement, questioning strategies, increasing student discourse, cooperative learning)

Professional Development (Peer coaching, tech coaching, PLCs)


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Internalizing NETS*T

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NETS for Teachers

NETS for Teachers pdf from ISTE.

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September Oregon Cadre Agenda

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GPS readiness

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